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Transfiguration, Clouds, White and Red/Orange Energy, Shadows, New Spirit Group?: Seance 4-8-13

Tonight’s circle consisted of: Nancy, John, Victoria and George, Emily, Maxine, Darlene, Radana, and myself.  I brought the crystals and crystal clusters once again (I didn’t bring them for the prior 2 seances).  Victoria started out in the cabinet giving messages but what she was getting was too garbled [she said].  She was unable to go out-of-body, perhaps because she found she loved being a sitter and didn’t wish to remove herself.  She said, also, that Shiri was there with many other spirits.

The energy in the room was quite high and it started out quite cold in the séance room.  I saw clouds and swirls of white energy around the head of everyone on the other side of the circle [Maxine, Emily, Darlene, John]; the energy may have been around Nancy, Radana, George, and myself, as well but I couldn’t see it from where I sat.  Darlene said she did see it around George and me, also.  I noticed Darlene first, because her face was going through transfiguration for a minute or so, then her face was surrounded with a cloud of white energy.  Maxine’s entire body was “obliterated” by the cloud of energy.  Also, two male energies with barrel chests and broad shoulders sat in her.  Emily totally disappeared from my view.  There was a different energy like a gray shadow either in front of her or between her and myself.  Also, I saw white masks (like medical masks) on Darlene, Emily, and John.  Then, Darlene’s aura changed to red-orange and she was asking everyone if they felt hot, as she did. 

Victoria was present and not out-of-body.  John, Nancy, and George were channeling or could hear the words of spirit. George suggested that it was a “Daniel” or “Rodney” who was speaking.  John said that they wanted to share concepts with us, not words; and we would have to receive the entire concept as a whole, rather than word-by-word.  It’s very difficult to describe the concepts with words.  Also, we will be amazed at the amount and high level of the information that they will be giving us.  Nancy said she saw two men in black with tall black hats like Abraham Lincoln.  They seemed to be saying that we would find the solutions to our problems in the library.  [It just hit me that maybe they mean the Hall of Records?] 

There was a tall, white spirit between Emily and Darlene.  Darlene said that she saw two tall spirits behind Victoria.  Victoria kept asking if anyone else could hear the tapping she heard behind her but no one responded.  Also, there was a white baby spirit between Victoria and George, the baby’s arm reaching out towards the table with the pyramid crystals, pastels, trumpets, and other “toys”. 

The spirits asked for questions.  When no one immediately responded, they asked why we didn’t have questions to ask.  Finally, Emily said she had a question: “Would she be getting the rescued kittens tonight or tomorrow?”  I don’t remember her response.  Radana asked how to increase business at the thrift shop she works at.  Various people in the group gave her several suggestions: a large sign or banner or truck near the road with the name of the business; partnering with various community agencies; advertisements in local free papers; something that will attract a crowd and spread the word by word of mouth. 

Nancy asked if anyone else was feeling tremendous energy in and around her head; everyone answered, “Yes.”  At that point, I was feeling a quick, sharp pain in my right jaw and cheek.  Darlene was feeling very hot.  It seemed that the spirits were working with each of our heads to raise our vibrations.  This seemed like a totally different group of spirits working with us. 

There was a bright, vibrant, colorful energy (red-orange) over the paper and pastels George and I had lain out.  However, the spirits did not use these to create pictures, signs, symbols, or words. 

The sitters did not seem unified tonight (my opinion) but on different wavelengths and not really tuned in to one another.  Afterwards, we found out that Darlene’s sister-in-law had died that day and Victoria and George were dealing with some family issues.  We did not start out by having an opening prayer or singing the usual songs, so our usual “structure” was missing.  It might have helped to hold hands or to pray before we started. 

The other thing that was very different was the energy of this new spirit group.  They did not seem as easy to work with as the previous group had been, perhaps because the former group was more “in tune” with us.  I think maybe it’s not the job of this new group to be agreeable as much as it is to raise our vibrations.  They did not give introductions as to who they were, where they came from, or why they were willing to help us raise our vibrations.  It almost felt like they were saying [non-verbally] that it was time to get serious and to leave the play behind. 

My thought, as I think back over the evening, is that the questions we had been asking at previous séance sessions were beyond the expertise of the former group or beyond the information that they are allowed to share with us.  Therefore, we are now in the care of a group at a higher level.  Does anyone else have any thoughts about that?  And Victoria was complaining that nothing much was happening after a year or more!

By Sitter Karen V.

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Trumpet Goes Up, Mist, Temperature Changes, Energy Issues: Seance 2-25-13

Tonight’s circle consisted of Nancy, Victoria and George, Emily, Maxine, Darlene, Radana, and myself.  Victoria started out by giving messages in the cabinet (omitted).

After the messages, George lead our opening prayers and songs, and opened the circle (seance).  The energy was high; perhaps because many of the crystals were back in the cabinet and center of the séance room.  Maxine, Darlene, and I saw the standing trumpet extend upwards (as it used to in our early sessions).  Also, I saw a flowing mist surround the top of the trumpet.  By the time we started, it was quite cold in the room, but everyone, except Victoria, was comfortable (Victoria was feeling very warm, sweating even, by the time we ended the session.)

Before we started the séance, Nancy, Victoria, and I had had a discussion about how to deal with energy issues.  Victoria was feeling very tired and overwhelmed from dealing with another person’s emotional energy issues.  She was picking up on others’ anxiety issues, as well.  She realized that she had forgotten to take various measures to protect herself from negativity and power issues.

Nancy suggested that Victoria surround herself with a shiny (I said opal-ized) bubble of white light and/or surround people with the shiny bubble as they entered the building.  Reiki energy can be used to heal the excess energy or negativity, as well.  Burning white sage or drumming can be used, also, to purify energy, as can smudging each person with white sage or cedar or white pine.  There are many possibilities to clarify the energies: calling on the sun or the Master Teachers to fill us with physical and spiritual Light is another.  Psychic Self Defense by Dion Fortune is an old, but treasured, resource.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Good Energy, Scents, Bartholomew: Seance 2-18-13

Tonight’s circle consisted of  new sitter Nancy and regulars, Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, Darlene, John, and myself. Victoria started out by giving messages in the cabinet (omitted).  The energy felt good, and it was good to have Barbara back in the circle.  Darlene and I both smelled the scent of cloves/cinnamon in the air.

After the messages, George lead our opening prayers and songs, and opened the circle (seance).  As we were singing, Bartholomew noted that, “the songbird is back” (meaning Barbara).  A new voice, that had a familiar accent, came through: that voice remarked that she wanted to tell us something important about religion, that religion “is like fitting a shoe: you keep trying on shoes until you find one that fits; are they comfortable or do they pinch the toes?”

Suddenly,Victoria coughed loudly.  George guessed correctly that Victoria had returned to her body after the cough, that the cough was enough of a disturbance to cause her to return to her body, and the séance was over.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Out of Body, Moving Finger, Ectoplasm: Seance 2-4-13

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Radana, John, and myself.  The cabinet was in the same place in the séance room as last week, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet and the altar table in the middle of the group. This week I did not bring any crystals.  I sat in Barbara’s usual place just to the left of Victoria.  The energy was high but different than usual.  John felt that the energy was of a higher level than usual.  Spirits were obviously there because my hands were icy cold; otherwise, I was quite comfortable.  Victoria gave messages first (omitted).

During the messages, George turned out the red light.  Shortly thereafter, Victoria called my name, “Karen”, and asked me to touch her cheek and see if I could feel anything there, like tears.  Her cheek felt soft and warm to me, but I did not feel anything “funky” or wet.  Victoria felt that her guides were doing with her throat and sinuses.  She asked George to do our opening prayer and songs.  We sang and om’d and sang again to assist with Victoria releasing.  She said her mother was there at her side.  She seemed distracted by all the activity around her, all the spirits present, and seemed to find it difficult to go out-of-body.  She said that she had gone out-of-body, though, and had seen the stars and felt overwhelmed, and quickly returned to her body.  She said that she was back in her body, so George asked if she could wiggle her fingers and her toes and she said that she couldn’t.  The index finger of her left hand was moving – we all saw it move – but Victoria insisted that she was not moving the finger herself.  George suggested that she follow his voice back until she could move her fingers and toes.

Later, John suggested that Spirit was reminding her that they were in charge of her body, of protecting it and keeping it safe, because she had agreed to serve in this way [as a medium – releasing her body for their use as a communication device.]  Victoria did not like the fact that they did that while she was consciously aware of their impingement.

I do remember two sensations that I felt while all of this activity with Victoria was going on:  I smelled a very sweet and pungent smell of something like sweet-grass and pencil shavings smoldering, yet something more like a woman’s perfume – a most pleasing scent.  Secondly, I was aware of a sensation of a white hand touching my right hand 1.  I couldn’t feel a touch, exactly; just the sensation of being touched.  I wonder if this “sensation of a white hand” was actually ectoplasm?

1 Re: about seeing a white long slender hand and forearm and being aware that it was touching my right hand although I couldn’t feel a physical touch What I was picturing in my mind was a lot like a picture in the book, DOORS TO OTHER WORLDS: A Practical Guide to Communicating with Spirits, by Raymond Buckland, p. 177. The hand I saw was sort of hovering between us; I don’t remember it being attached to Victoria but I might have missed that.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Transcription of the audio tape from Seance 1-28-13

 Transcription of the audio tape from Seance 1-28-13


“Hi!  Welcome.”

“I am with you. I retreat with hope.”

“Good Evening.”

“Time does not have the meaning for you as it does for those who join you.  I greet each one of you blessed souls.  I accept that another profoundly prolific medium may join you.”

“We’re glad that you could join us this evening.”  (Long pause…)

“I greet you from the Seventh Seat of Wisdom.”

“Thank you.”

”From my being I extend to you the hand of greeting and solace.  It is like rabbits that generate these morsels that we extend to you.  They multiply and in apparent purpose sow their own seeds and blossom evermore.”

“Thank you.  Do you have a name we can call you by?”

(Long pause…)

“On a higher plane of learning we gather to your right and your left.  We embrace and journey with you on your quest for your own holy grails.”

“Thank you.”

“’Ancient’ does not have meaning, for we are all ‘ancient’.  It is a matter of degree of wisdom that we collect.  Wise and learned beings are we.  (Pause…)  Hug.  Huh!” (Pause…)

“Thank you.”

The voice resumed: “A Brotherhood of Light are we: to join all systems of Light.  There is continuity amongst us all.  Sinuous, a wave visits you; and justly.  And you sleep.  You become learned even more.  It is a quest…As though a fireside chat, we divulge what we have learned and acquired, in a duality, as a perception.  There is a lost loved one.  Please extend to her the knowledge that all is well with the little lost soul from the Animal Kingdom.”  (Note: Barbara’s beloved cat companion recently transitioned.)

“Thank you.  Are you open to any questions?  (Pause…)  Sounds like they’re switching.


“Do we have someone new?”

”Now, young man, I am still here.  I like (that) we are beings that grow in intensity, divesting ourselves, as we move forward, by unsheathing the discard and becoming more magnificent in our cloaks of light and wisdom.  We stand before you as the Brotherhood with our shards of truth, divesting to you a pathway home.  Ho (whispered)!  Praying that the workings of our community will open the door so you may see the fruition of the accomplishment of dates (fates?).  Try evermore imbuing yourselves with the attainable life and promise (progress?).”

”Thank you.”

“This instrument must release.  Ho!”

(Pause…Quoting…)”The instrument must release.”

“What distances of time our glorious soul has traveled thus far, stopping to pick up a rose or a rock, putting it in our pocket, and continuing on, these are the precious treasures in our soul.  They shine and release God’s gift to each one of us: for our pathways are always lived well.  It is our own individual choice as to the path we follow, the river that flows.  Do not step on the bank and stop your progress.  Continue forward.  There is a flow that is part of the physical and grows.  It is physical, no matter how etheric it becomes.  This flow –there is an intensity depending on your profession–; however, I assure you, there is no change.  It does not diminish; only our wariness (weariness?) of this physical feel of the universe community (does).  Community is an organism in every flow.  It grows and recedes.  And it generates a combined energy of its own as a colony.

What we put forth greatly affects the whole.  This is the purpose of many of those who have opened a doorway to step through, travel to assist, feel, flow, and change.  Feel the energy.  The choice is indeed yours.  But still progress continues with these pioneers.”  [Pause…]

“Thank you.”

“There is an advancement.  Some call it a new life; others, a plane of fear where so much knowledge that is transmuted into fortuity (which) propels us along not only in the flow of the universe orb, but we alight ourselves, (which) carries us stronger, further, and higher.  If there’s one thing you seek, I will give you the key: Look within your center, your soul.  It is an inner way.  I believe (in) an inner way to achieve the growth up each mountain.  There is a pinnacle that may be reached, children.  And you will grow up that mountain together, raising that point, questioning, observing, understanding, and re-forming (re-founding, re-positing, re-positioning?).  This is the Light that we bring you – the starlight.  In books (reference to The Book of Star Light by White Eagle?), this Light is without.  But do not be distraught.  All Light comes from Me.  Go with grace.  Go with the Light in your heart.  And we will see so much as you do so.  Be well.”

“Peace be with you.  Thank you for joining us.”


“Thank you.

“I have a few moments to bring this through.  Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.  Budding conversations welcome.  Boop!”

“Hah, hah!  Thank you.  I don’t know if that means it’s over or?”

“Ho!  Not yet.”

“OK.  Quoting: ‘Talk amongst ourselves.’  Information is very crisp and clear tonight; the best yet.  Can’t wait to hear the recordings from these “(last sessions); very good information, very strong information.”

“Heh, heh!”

“Hi, Mary!”

”Hi!  Hi!  I really love you.  I have my parasol.  Wave, Everyone!  I can’t see you.  Hi, Don (?) Tom (?)

“Why don’t you play with something on the table, Mary?”

“Yes.  Hello.”  Bartholomew continues, “More phenomena will come in time.  Ho!  Patience is always a virtue.”

“Yes, it is.  I was just offering Mary a toy, that’s all.”

“Practice makes perfect.  Keep that in your memory.  Ho!”


“Ho!  It is I, my boy.  We are laughing [waving?] at you.

“We’ll wave back.”

“Ho!  Better motor control leads to clarity and less confusion.  Passion is not worth a moment.  I bid you, Good Evening but not Good Bye.  May you all be well and prosper.  Ho!”

“Thank you.”

“Welcome to our missing child, missing no longer.  Ho!  Peace be unto you.”

“Thank you.  And to you.”

Transcribed by Karen V.

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Many Spirits, Cold, Whistle, Voices, Spinning Trumpet, Flashes, Sparks, Lights, Touches: Seance 1-28-13

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Darlene, John, Radana, and myself, with guest sitter, Maxine.  The cabinet was in the same place in the séance room as last week, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet and the altar table in the middle of the group.  (Messages and healing info have been omitted).

After the light was turned off, Victoria tranced  and, by the time we sang the third song, “You Raise Me Up”, Bartholomew was already clearing his throat (or Victoria’s throat).  We kept singing and Bartholomew did wait until we finished singing before he spoke.

There were, apparently, many spirits waiting to communicate and they expressed greetings and gratitude for our presence.  A new voice, with a distinctive accent, came through to discuss something important (which I can’t remember).  Then, a new woman’s voice broke through.  Then, Mary’s piercing, shrill voice invited us to respond in kind to her hand-wave (she waved with her parasol).  The spirits commented about a “long-lost missing child” and welcoming it back into the fold (this might refer to Maxine who hadn’t attended the circle in nearly a year or to Barbara who has missed a few times due to illness or her husband’s rapid approach toward transitioning to the Other Side.)

The room was cold.  No one mentioned hearing noises, except me: I heard a sort of whistle that increased in frequency until it was very high-pitched.  I heard the faint whistles when something important was about to happen.  The voices, on the other hand, were clear and distinct.

Radana said she saw the top of the standing horn spinning.  I, also, saw a bright light flash to the left of George.  I saw lots of stars, sparks, small balls of light , particularly a royal blue ball of light, or an orb.  Radana was touched on the face; Darlene felt her hair (her bangs, in particular) being brushed out of the way; I bumped knees with someone (when I glanced over at Radana to my right, her knees were nowhere near mine).  In fact, no one’s knees were near mine.  The atmosphere felt good, positive, relaxed, yet charged.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Mikhail Speaks About Animal Totems: Seance 1-14-13

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Emily, and myself.  The cabinet was in the same place in the séance room as last week, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet and the altar table to the left of the cabinet.  Victoria brought in messages (omitted).

Victoria said that Bartholomew (Jordan) and Mikhail were there.  Mikhail said that he wanted to talk about how animal totem poles are a visual representation of the qualities [?] a person needs.  Every animal is a gateway to the phenomenal world of the human spirit.  Every aspect of nature is woven into our own existences.  The animal world shows us potentials.  “Animals serve a great purpose in our spiritual development…Animals speak, deliver messages, and call the individual to the hero’s path of awareness…When we honor an animal, we are honoring the creative essence behind it…Each animal has a power or medicine, one that we can participate in if we make the effort.  “The phenomenal world –- humans, animals, plants,…stones, rivers, cultural artifacts,
(soil and sand, wind, sun, rain) –- is alive in the sense of being inspirited.  Not only is the non-human world alive, but it is filled with articulate and at times intelligible subjects, able to communicate and interact with humans for good or ill.”  (Quoted in Ted Andrews’ Animal-Wise, from Christopher Manes, Other Creations, pp. 31-32.)

Victoria said that a brown bear was present (I said it was one of my totem animals.).  Victoria, also, mentioned that Eagle and Hawk were present, and Raven, as well.  “Were we familiar with Raven as a bird?”  We said that we were.  The totem animals represent certain personalities and characters that are embodied in ourselves.  [Eagle represents great perception, seeing the big picture, and the bridging of worlds; Hawk represents the primal life force, the spring and fall equinoxes, and the phrase: “Beware or Be Aware”; Raven represents shape-shifting, messenger or omen, and blending of the human and the animal.]  Every animal has a story to tell.  What a person thinks of animals reflects the way he thinks of himself.  Every existing creature manifests some aspect of the intelligence or power of the Eternal One.  [See note.]

Victoria said that she was seeing a Beaver to my left.  The keynote of the Beaver is the building of dreams.  Beavers teach lessons about breath and its control, and about adapting for life in the water.  [When Beaver appears, it reflects the opportunity to build on your dreams.  The Master Builder skill links you with the Masons (of which my Dad was a member).  Proper dental hygiene and care are essential.  Have you been neglecting your basic dreams?  Do your dreams need repair?  Are you daydreaming and not acting on your dreams?  It’s time for action.  Allow for alternatives.  Teamwork is necessary.  Settle differences with friends [adapted  from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson and Animal-Speak and Animal-Wise by Ted Andrews.]

NOTE:  “(A) totem is any natural object, being, or animal with which we feel closely associated and whose phenomena and energy are related to our life in some way.”  Some totems are temporary energies to assist us with a particular pursuit or project; “others stay with us from birth through death and beyond…and become personal symbols.”

“These totems often mirror back to us qualities o our own nature.  “They represent an archetypal power we can draw upon.”  They help us to see ourselves a part of the universe.  They remind us that we are always directly connected to God; we discover spiritual values through animals: the gentleness and concern of the dog might translate into initiation into a healing modality.  The Divine speaks to us through Nature: everything has significance.”  [Quoted from Ted Andrews’ Animal-Wise]

By Sitter Karen V.

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Cold, Disappearing Bands, Cloudburst Energy, Touching, Bartholomew Speaks: Seance 12-10-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Radana, Dawn, , Barbara, John, and myself.  The cabinet was in the same place in the séance room as last week, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet and the altar table to the left of the cabinet.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened.  This night select crystals were back in place. Victoria started out with messages for each of us (omitted).

It got quite cold in the room near the start. I had a sharp pain in the middle of my upper left arm which went away after awhile. There was much activity tonight: something continued to move between the trumpet and me (the upper band appeared, disappeared, appeared, etc. There were cloudbursts of energy between the trumpet and me – colored energy –, orange cloud, green cloud, yellow cloud, indigo wisps. There were, also, ripples of energy above my eye-line – dark ripples of energy. It’s funny but appropriate that I describe the energy as cloudbursts because we were experiencing an actual rain/thunder-storm at the time.

There was much touching. I was lovingly patted on the right shoulder and the right knee and forehead. I think, now, that it was Shiri. Radana said that she was touched on the face. I don’t remember anyone else saying that they were touched.

Even before we finished singing the third song, “You Raise Me Up”, Bartholomew came through, bringing us greetings and well-wishes from the many hopeful communicators. He mentioned philosophy and that, literally, we are standing on the “String Theory”. We should be aware of what we are creating with our every thought, as that “thought is like an arrow of direct connection to a particular point somewhere in the universe. We can make happen what we want to happen by directing our thoughts toward that end. Our thoughts do not happen in a vacuum – they cause something else to happen which causes another connection, etc. We are all related and linked by our thoughts. We need to be aware of what we are sending out into the world.”

“If we experience sadness, we don’t have to accept sadness. We are not limited. We have a choice. We can choose an alternate way of relating to the event that we first reacted to with sadness.” At this point, John asked a question, which I cannot remember, nor the answer.

At the end of the circle, I smelled a slightly sweet/fruity scent (pear is the word that came into my mind). At one point, Victoria (or the voices) coughed several times. It caused Victoria to snap back into her body. She said that that was not a good thing to have happen.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Sparkles, White Energy, Out-Of-Body, Touching, Bartholomew, Daniel and Mary Speak: Seance 12-3-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Emily, Dawn, Darlene, Barbara, John, and myself.  The cabinet was in the same place in the séance room as last week, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet and the altar table between the sitters and the cabinet.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened.  This night all the crystals were back in place. Victoria gave messages (omitted).

There were lots of sparkles around the base of the trumpet.  There were rushes of white energy between the standing trumpet and myself.  I think these “rushes” of energy were Victoria traveling out-of-body.  Dawn, who was sitting to my right, seemed to be very tall or to be standing and, also, to be very dark.  I felt someone behind me place their hands on my shoulders.  He/She touched me, also, on my right knee or right hand.

At first, my left arm and shoulder were very cold and hurt for a minute or so and, then, all pain was gone.  After that, I wasn’t cold anymore.

Even before we finished singing the third song, “You Raise Me Up”, Bartholomew tried to come through.  He said that he brought us greetings from many on the Other Side.  He said that he would step back so that others could come through.  At which point, Daniel spoke up, very clearly and fairly loudly.  He mentioned philosophy and reiterated that he was NOT the kind of doctor we’re used to on earth.

Mary, also, came through, with her parasol with fringes on it.  There was mention made of “dearest Marie” who sings.  I thought of my neighbor from across the street while I was growing up – Marie Mazzoni.  I think she loved to sing, as far as I can remember.  She was older than me, so it’s possible she has passed.

By Sitter Karen V.


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Audio Transcription – Bartholomew Speaks: Seance 11-12-12

Hey, Everybody!  That was a great circle, wasn’t it?  Attached is the transcription of it (By Sitter Karen V):

Bartholomew: “Ho!”

“Hi!  How are you? Welcome.”

“I send [bring] you greetings from the Great Beyond.  We are gathered around you this evening to communicate and share fun and ideas.  Ho!”

“We’re glad you could join us this evening.”

“There are others lined up to speak.  I’d like to address that process [by] which hand-in-hand they come through in substance and by which our minds will trek outside of [themselves].  The entity of that which peruses our minds will shake [loose] in a short time…Mindful we should be of that process.  Ho!”

“Are there things that we can do to help the process?”

“You are doing very well, young man.  It congeals and comes together in its own time very well.  Ho!  I leave you now but I will not withdraw.  Ho!”

“Thank you for all your help…”

”Thank you…”

[Long pause…]

“Emily, we’ll have someone else joining us, if I understood that correctly…”



“I bid you…  You may be far… I welcome your questions and inquiries.  I will attempt to project myself in a manner that all can enter [into the]… ”

“Questions?” George asked.

The voice resumed: “Philosophy.  You have questions?”

“I have a question about organ transplants.  How do you guys feel about them?  Are there more things that we need to know than just the physical compatibility of the organs themselves?”

”This is why I have joined you this evening.  I understand your question: I will give you my viewpoint from my medical and scientific view.  While we will not employ the transference of bodily parts on this plane that we call home, we fully understand the process of transferring a needy organ.  Life is no longer our functionally?  That science has come far; and, in your future, even after you have joined us in the life after life, it will continue to astound and amaze with its accomplishments.  To do this, leaps and bounds will be traveled in understanding the techniques of removal and re-attachment and insertion into that way.  At this point, though, for all grads, all is risk.  To reason why this risk is, is to fight [to establish] within your program of awareness a mental picture of a well-functioning psyche part.  The function from your psyche becomes a physical attachment and employs your endeavor to succeed.   Wherever you can, succor or employ this technique of seeing the newly-installed body parts, or even the damaged parts, as being completely well and whole, fully-functioning in [their] entirety, a healthy part of your system.”

”Thank you.”


”May I, if I understand you correctly, sir, what you’re saying is that between the donor and ‘donee’ [receiver] in the pre-birth planning, the compatibility was pre-determined and determined before the initial karmic impression?”

“Yes, that is often the case.”

“Thank you.”

“Another question?”

“Can you describe the state that we will find when [each of us] leaves our physical body at our death?”

“Hah-hah.  That’s not my intent.  You will have fought and be functioning even if this was not still upon entry into our plane, our fear, if you will.  As time progresses, as you [grow] in understanding and memory of [your] return, you will be able to exercise some control of your form and spirit-truth, I bet.  Do not think me unorthodox within [your] reality but I function as breath in a natural state of One.  There comes a time when the form each of us knows will no longer [be needed].  Therefore, the form that is encouraged on earth is [temporary], that is, at the time you are [reborn], you will shed that mystery that’s with you now.”

“Thank you.


“Does anyone else have a question?”


“Hello.  Greetings.”

“Can I slip in a question?”

“Do it!”

“We always have the feeling in the back of our minds that being on the spirit side of things will ease a lot of the tensions that we’re experiencing in this side of life in the physical form.  Is that actually the correct way of looking at it or are there stresses over on the spirit side, also, as we try to progress there as well?”

“I am stuck here.  I can’t hear you…Hold on to that thought…”

“Messed that one up because there’re questions or something.”

“Ho!”[Long pause…]

“Should we sing?”

“No, I don’t think they’re having an energy issue.  I think what you’re asking – that perhaps pushes on what they are allowed to speak to us about…They’re having to figure out a proper response without violating any rules so…We’ll give them just a minute more…”

John added, “The answer to your question is: wisdom of light gained from each experience on each side [of life] helps us, each in its own way.”

“Well, Bartholomew, are you still with us?”  [No answer.]

“Hello.  Are you there?”

“Over here, the top ring is blinking.  Can anyone see it?” Dawn questioned.

“Yes!  I can see it,” Darlene said.

“The bottom ring is completely obscured,” Emily said.

“Yes, it is from your side,” Dawn replied.

“I think we’re going to try and close because things have changed…” George said.

Transcribed by Sitter Karen V.

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Cold, Shadow, Horse, White Energy, Trumpet Bands Shadowed, Bartholomew Speaks About Organ Transplants, After Death: Seance 11-12-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Emily, Dawn, Darlene, Barbara, Radana, John, and myself.  The cabinet was in the same place in the séance room as last week, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet and the altar table between the sitters and the cabinet.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened.  This night all the crystals were back in place. Victoria gave messages (omitted).

Barbara saw a shadow behind her.  Victoria was nauseous; Barbara was nauseous; Darlene was nauseous.  I saw a white horse’s head between Victoria and George.  Barbara saw lots of white energy around Victoria.  Dawn and Emily saw the top of the trumpet flash and the luminous bands on the trumpet disappear and reappear as if a “shadow” moved between the trumpet and them.  Also, I saw the shadow move between the trumpet and myself.  Darlene, also, saw the flashing lights at the top of the trumpet.

Before we finished singing the third song, “You Raise Me Up”, Bartholomew came through.  He said that he greeted us with great regard from the Great Beyond and that he represented a large group of spirits who want to work with us to achieve our goal.  Just as we are learning how to raise the energy level and sustain it, so are they on the Other Side.  He said he was going to leave us shortly but he would continue his efforts[?].  Then, a new voice came through, with a different accent, and different vocabulary and a different way of speaking.  The new voice, without giving us a name, said he would do his best to answer our questions.  I asked my question about organ transplants – how they felt about transplants and was there more involved in the process than just the physical compatibility of the organ?

I found it difficult to “get into” the rhythm of his speech (he seemed to be speaking very slowly and drawing out each word).  He suggested that many unbelievable things are accomplished on earth and we should always be positive about what is, or might be, occurring.  He pointed out that what occurs between donor and receiver is planned out ahead of time on the Other Side, so that each participant is aware of what is or will be happening.  There are no accidents or coincidences.  Changes may occur, though, if both sides agree.

Dawn asked the speaker to describe what happens and the surroundings we experience immediately after death?

The spirit replied that from the moment of death here on earth to our arrival on the Other Side is a seamless moment.  “One moment you’re here [on earth]; the next moment you’re there [on the Other Side].”  And, we’re not even aware that there has been a change.  For a period of time when we arrive on the Other Side we are re-learning everything we knew on the Other Side before we incarnated, and re-orienting ourselves to that knowledge.  “That does not happen overnight.”

Finally, Emily wanted to know if the positive things we’ve heard about life on the Other Side are the reality or if there are stresses to be dealt with there just as there are here?

Silence.  We waited several minutes for an answer but no response was forthcoming.  So we sang our closing song while George talked Victoria back.  She did not experience a good return as she came back nauseous.  Several others were, also.  When Victoria came out of the cabinet, Dawn sat in it and was immediately enveloped in nausea, as well as something that was occurring in her sinus area.  I tried sitting in the cabinet as well, but I did not feel nauseous.  (I was continuing to experience the heartburn I’d been feeling all evening.

It was quite cold this evening.  It was obvious that the spirits were present and relished the cold.

By Sitter Karen V.

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White Lights, Info on Astral Plane, Hello From Mary, Electric Energy: Seance 11-5-12

After the lights went down I noticed some very small white lights moving to the right of where I was sitting.  They moved fast and were sparkly.

The first voice came through bringing greetings.  He spoke about the astral dimension that they were from, describing how it was as solid and real as our own world was to us.  He informed us that he had to travel a great distance to communicate with us.  George asked what we could do to increase the volume.  The answer was that there was nothing we could do.  The voice gave us the analogy of riding a bike… how it takes dedication and practice.  This entity’s voice was came through slurry at times.  I was not able to decipher all the words.

The second voice that came across sounded female and delicate.  Perhaps this was Mary?  She said hello.  We said hello back to her and waited for more.  Nothing else was said.

I know at some point when there were no voices coming thru George suggested that we sing “do re mi”.  I am not sure exactly in what sequence of events that we sang this song.

Just as soon as the first voice came thru I felt an energy happening in my abdominal area.  It had a sort of electrical quality to it.  It was not like anything I have experienced prior.  This sensations were of medium intensity and lasted throughout the channeling.

By Sitter Dawn F.

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Session # 13 – The Red Light

Dim Red Seance Light

I (Victoria) had planned to have the red light turned on for four to five minutes at the next seance. In the middle of my meditation and mental preparations for the evening Mikhail showed up and spoke with me:

Mikhail: The phenomena that occurs in the time sense you are in takes precedence. The mist(?) vehicle of physical form dissemination is coaxed from you and manipulated into a coherent structure to be used in two planes simultaneously. It is for this reason that we employ all benefits.

Let us discuss the red light. It is in our favor to release the red light only in prescribed moments during which present functioning repels simulations and keeps constant a steady stream of plasma. Inherent in this function is a short duration of time in which to proceed. Any longer and coherence is lost. Build-up of this event takes time and effort. We will instruct you further. Good day.

Unfortunately I didn’t really read the message thoroughly after I  wrote it and that evening I asked George to put the red light on after the singing. When he did, I was not fully into deep trance and I experienced a strong, somewhat painful pressure in my nose and a deep smell, although not an unpleasant one. I roused myself  enough to tell him to turn the light off and proceeded into trance

After the seance the Sitters let me know that the connection made with Bartholomew and another woman was very tenuous and weak. The seance was short and in the future I will be listening more clearly and carefully to all messages from Mikhail

-Medium Victoria

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Flame Card Messages, Joyful Mary and her Parasol, Purple Glow, Spirit Manifestation: Seance 10-28-12

From right: Dawn, Emily, Radana, George, Darlene, Karen, Barbara learn about flame, wax, and smoke readings.

Before tonight’s séance, we played some games and did flame pictures.  The only one to burn holes in the paper was Barbara 🙂 .  Victoria used the flame pictures to do readings for each of us.  Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Emily, Dawn, Darlene, Barbara, Radana, and myself; Mikhail, Victoria’s guide, called us the “crazy eights”.  The cabinet was in the same place in the séance room as last week, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet and the altar table between the sitters and the cabinet.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened.  This night all the crystals were back in place.

George read our opening prayer and we om’d three times and sang two of our usual three songs: “Amazing Grace” and “In the Garden”; Bartholomew came through, then.  When the energy level lagged shortly thereafter, Bartholomew asked us to sing another song.  We sang “Do-Re-Mi”.  Bartholomew said that Daniel was with us, also, as was Mary.  Mary came through faintly and was difficult to understand.  She was in the mood to play.  George asked her what games she liked to play, and she said, “hide and seek”.  When the seeker finds her, she kisses him/her on the cheek.  George said he could feel a kiss on his cheek.  Emily asked Mary if it was raining?  “We don’t have rain (on the Other Side).”  Mary said she had a white parasol, though, with its fringe and beads, and she takes it out in the sun.  They are all glad to be with us.  They salute our joy and play.  I think Daniel said something about us being in his dreams.  (I hope someone else, besides me, heard that comment.)

Daniel said something to Emily about the “young one” being present.  (Apparently, a young nephew of Emily’s had died last Saturday.)  Daniel emphasized that “it should not be a cause for sadness here (on earth), but it was a cause for celebration there (on the Other Side).

Emily asked Mary how old she was when she passed?  Mary said she was five years old. Now, she’s much older.  Bartholomew mentioned that those on the Other Side were well aware of All Saints Day coming up on Thursday, and of All Hallows’ Eve, also, a cause for celebration to us.

Bartholomew or Daniel said there was healing going on in the circle tonight  There were many sparks everywhere.  I saw a purple glow around and in front of Victoria and George and Barbara, and an indigo glow in front of and around myself.  Emily saw a spirit manifest right in front of her for the first time.

Bartholomew talked about us needing to relax.  “Be like the muscle in a (scallop) shell; the muscle must relax for the shell to (be able to) open.”

Before any questions were asked, Victoria was (partially) back.  George counted her back until she was fully returned to her body.  Victoria said that returning had not gone well for her.  She had traveled around the room out-of-body and told Darlene that she (Darlene) was very bright, surrounded with orange and yellow light!

By Sitter Karen V.

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Lights, Sparkles, Cold, Mary and Daniel Speak: Seance 10-22-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Emily, Dawn, Carrie, Darlene, Barbara, Radana, Martha, special guest John St. C., and myself.  George relocated the cabinet to a different area of the séance room, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet and the altar table between the sitters and the cabinet.

Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened.  This night there were only the occasional crystals or stones that individual sitters wore or held.  It felt somewhat more crowded than last week.  Victoria started off with messages (omitted).

George read our opening prayer and we om’d three times and sang our usual three songs: “Amazing Grace”, “In the Garden”, and “You Raised Me Up”.  During the singing of the songs, we all heard heavy breathing.  The energy tonight was “magnificent,” according to Bartholomew.  There were sparks and sparkles all around the room.  The standing trumpet looked to me like it was surrounded with a spiraling, red energy.  There were many areas of blue energy in front of George, as well as some orbs.  There was green energy around, and in front of, me.  Emily’s face and Carrie’s whole body were bathed in light.  Barbara and Dawn saw lights and sparkles between them.  Dawn and Darlene both smelled a faint men’s cologne.  There was a shadow spirit over my left shoulder and one between Radana and me.  Radana said, also, that she was aware of many spirits in the area behind us.  I noticed that it started out quite cold in the room, like it used to be when we first started doing the physical medium-ship circles.

When Bartholomew came through, he said that the instrument did not fully release her body tonight.  At that point, to help raise the level of energy, we re-sang several songs and sang some extra ones, as well.

A new voice, Daniel, came through; he came to speak to us about transcendence.  His voice was not as clear or as loud as Bartholomew’s and, although he spoke slowly, it was difficult to get used to the rhythm of his speech and therefore, difficult to understand him.  He did ask if we were understanding what he was telling us.  George responded, “Some of it.  Some might not have been heard clearly by those sitting further away.”

Bartholomew said, also, that an old friend of ours was there – we guessed Shiri or Mary?  The high, whispery, female voice was very difficult to understand or hear.  In fact, I don’t remember anything of what she said.

I asked a question about whether our last dog, Lacey, was with my mother on the Other Side?

Bartholomew said that she may be or she may have returned to the animal realm in order to reincarnate as a dog or other animal in order to continue a strong connection with us or with other humans she has known.

Bartholomew said that he would have to leave shortly – and would George release the instrument?  George played our new closing song, “Peace Be With You ‘Til We Meet, Again”.  We sang with the recording and Victoria returned quickly and easily.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Audio Transcription – Bartholomew Speaks: Seance 10-15-12

Bartholomew: “Ho!”

All: “Hi!  Welcome.”

Bartholomew: “Ho!”

George: “Dawn, will you take care of the…?”

Bartholomew: “I am with you this evening.  I greet you, my friends.  This instrument has released well this evening.  Ho!  Keep up the energy and we will have a vibrant, wonderful time!”

Sitters: “Wonderful.”  “Awesome.”  “That’s great.”

Bartholomew: “Imagine a party. This is a party.  As we meet on a bridge and exchange information and ideas.”

Sitters: “Yes!”

Bartholomew: “I am with you and others surround us.  (They) bring their greetings saying, ‘Ho! Hi-yo!  We greet you upon space and time.  We enter your realm.’”

George: “We’re glad to have you with us.  I have a question…”

Bartholomew: “One moment, young man.”

George: “O.K.”

Bartholomew: “Proponents of investigation into this realm extend their gratitude to you all for assisting and participating in this phenomena under …Ho!  I have a question for you.”

Sitters: “All right!”  “Good.”

Bartholomew: ”Am I in your hearing range?”

Sitters: ”Yes.”  “Absolutely.”  “You’re wonderful, tonight.”

Bartholomew: ”Thank you, dear friends, as are you… Now, our loved ones here, who (are) known to you, (whose lives) have flowered, bring their salutations and love to you.  You may think of it as another realm but, I assure you, we are quite lively and participate in activities we’ve yet to enter with friends and enjoy.  We are always moving and we are for the continuation…ho…of our life’s being.  And this is what I would relate to you.  Life is not discontinuous.  We step from one realm into another.  Life continues and, for most, can be grand.  It is with joy that we return to the realm you reside in to participate in this gratifying relationship with you, together. ”

Sitter: “We are honored.”

Bartholomew: “Your question may be proffered.”

Sitter: “Thank you.  My understanding is that we create a life plan of things we would like to accomplish as we’re on this (higher) plane.  Is that plan changeable by us as we proceed forward?”

Bartholomew: “There is always change in life.  You refer to the record of your existence.  It is like your computer memory but far vaster.  It is a record in the fabric of space.  There is history and intent in a new follow…I can say with assuredness (that) each- and every- one sitting in this room in the realm you occupy…ho…are most decidedly following your ‘Golden Path’.  Change comes into play through the choices and decisions that you pick and choose from (on an) everyday basis.  The intent of your path is open and strong.”

Sitter: “Is that path chosen prior to us returning here?”

Bartholomew: “Ho!  Indeed.  There is a time of planning for those who have evolved to a certain level of awakening and …”

Sitter: “Thank you.”

Bartholomew: “You do not let me…nature intent on your own…guidance and those who are [being] referenced for you.  There are…ho…those who are wise and quite far along in their role who offer, through kindness, their attention…Ho!  It is they who have remained in our world for long periods of time as you proceed with (perceive?) time to read…”

Sitter: “Thank you.  That’s fascinating.  Does anyone else have any questions?”

Sitter: “Yes, I do.”

Bartholomew: “Ho!”

Sitter: “Yes, thank you.  As my work as a light-worker and healer, I come across so many healers that actually have health challenges themselves.  I was wondering if you could enlighten us [as to] why so many of the light-workers do have either physical challenges –which they do overcome – but is this part of their role as wounded healers?”

Bartholomew: “Ho!  Dear lady, you have great light around you.  What better way to learn than from experience?  By doing, we relate within ourselves to any trauma and causality and its effects in the mental aspects as well…ho…as your physicality.  By doing, we learn on a soul awareness (level) that is quite vibrant and stays with us as a lesson that we do not forget.”

Sitter: “Thank you.”

Bartholomew: “Healers heal themselves.  This is the process of learning, a part, but a necessary part, for the achievement of (the) group goal.  Gracious one, our blessings and support to you in your continued quest for the fountain of youth.”

Sitters: “Ha!  Ha!”  “Thank you.”  “That’s cute.”  “What was that?”  “Your quest for the fountain of youth.”  “Oh.”  “Anyone else have a question?”

Sitter: “I have a question.”

Bartholomew: “Please ask.”

Sitter: “You said you have lots of activities.  Do you dance?”

Bartholomew: “Ho!  Absolutely.  We can all kick up our heels from time to time.”

Sitter: “Great!”

Bartholomew: “The physical movement does not cease when you move to our true home.  Lively movement and support and enjoyable hobbies continue to enhance…ho…our life.  Ho!  I will save you a dance.  Ho!”

Bartholomew: “Thank you.  Thank you.”

Bartholomew: “I will be leaving you shortly, but there are still questions you may ask.  Ho! Go ahead.  Next question.”

Sitter: “It’s not really a question.  It’s a request.  I have a little one named Helen who’s not going well emotionally.  I just wondered if you can give me a clue how I can get through to her and help her relax and play like she should?”

Bartholomew: “Ho!  Although I am not technically wise in the ways of one who works in the realm of the animals, I will say this to you.  When you are calm, you emit that state of being outside of your skin.  It hovers around you as energy.  That energy is a belt on (an) electronic field that your small companion will feel when there is direct connection.  The energy field of this little being will be changed/altered to a similar state as what you project.  Ho!”

Sitters: “Thank you.”  ”Thanks very much.”

Bartholomew: “I will take another inquiry.  I know you have one.”

Sitter: “Someone else have a question?”

Sitter: “Can I double dip?”

Bartholomew: “Ho!”

Sitter: “The young ones that are incarnating now, the new children.  They seem to be so sensitive.  They’re being labeled ‘autistic’.  Is there any light you can shine on us [as to] how we can help these young ones better adapt to their physical experience?”

Bartholomew: “Challenges of this nature are not new.  The beings that (incorporate) challenges in life reap great rewards.  From pain comes great learning (and) understanding.  Communication in a new way is fortunate for those that work with the beings in this type of body.  All benefit.”

Sitters: “Thank you so much.”  “Very interesting information.”

Bartholomew: “I must leave you.  I’m bringing greetings from others who stand with you…ho…with all of us.  Know that you are loved and cared for.  Ho!  We salute your enterprise and bid you peace.”

Sitters: “Peace and love to you, too, and to all who help with this process.”

Bartholomew: “We will you release this instrument.  Success to you all.”

Sitters: “Thank you.”

Transcribed by Sitter Karen V.


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Energy Swirl, Bartholomew Speaks and Answers ‘Life Plan’ and ‘Healing’ Questions: Seance 10-15-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Emily, Dawn, Carrie, Darlene and myself.  George relocated the cabinet to its original corner of the séance room, with the sitters forming a tight semi-circle around the cabinet.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened.  We grouped the majority of the crystals/clusters collection around the inside of the cabinet with a few beneath Victoria’s chair and some between the sitters. It felt less crowded than last week and more comfortable.  Victoria commented that the energy in the room was very comfortable and high energy.  She said she felt very comfortable.  Victoria did messages with a red light on (most of the time).  There was a large area of swirling energy in front of the cabinet, which I saw as white and Dawn saw as green; Darlene was just aware of movement.  Victoria welcomed Harry Edwards and Shiri, as well as our families and friends and mentors in spirit.  Mentally, I welcomed Shiri and Jamie Luquette.

George read our opening prayer and we om’d three times and sang our usual three songs: “Amazing Grace”, “In the Garden”, and “You Raised Me Up”.  During the singing of the songs, we all heard heavy breathing.  I thought it was Victoria doing her holotropic breathing (although it sounded like it was coming from a place well in front of the cabinet); Carriee thought it was Emily breathing heavily; Emily wasn’t sure where it was coming from; and Dawn and George thought it was Carriee breathing heavily.

When Bartholomew came through, his voice was very clear with volume to spare.  “Ho!  Greetings and a hiedy-ho!  To all of you from those of us from another dimension, as we meet on this bridge, we tell you we are right here with you on your earth-plane.  It is most gratifying to be here and to share this communication.  The instrument released easily tonight.”

George said he had a question.

“Not so fast, my young friend.  We have not yet completed our task of molding the ectoplasm into an instrument most conducive to our communication.”  Bartholomew said, “I have a question for you.  How is the volume tonight?  Can everyone hear all right?”

We all replied, “Oh, yes!”

Bartholomew, then, said to George, “You have a question?”

George asked, “Do we plan our life while we’re on the Other Side?  If so, can the life plan be changed?”

“Life is always subject to change.  A life plan is not written in stone (my words).  It can be changed at any time, according to a person’s desires and requirements.”

Then, Emily said, “I have a young one, named Helen, who needs help.  She has an emotional problem.  How can I best help her deal with this problem?”

Bartholomew answered that he really had no expertise in dealing with animals but that he would do his best.  He recommended that when Emily is calm, that that calmness emanates from her aura and that energy will permeate Helen’s aura, also, when she and Emily are in close connection.

Carriee said that she had a question.

“Yes, gracious lady, go ahead with your question” said Bartholomew.

“Why is it that so many healers seem to be dealing with illnesses, conditions, or health issues of their own?  Why aren’t they able to heal themselves?

Bartholomew’s answer was that nothing is a better teacher than personal experience.  “Having experienced illness themselves not only makes them better healers, but, also, more compassionate ones.”

Carrie asked a second question.  “Why is it that some of the children coming in now are so sensitive to their environments; i.e., autistic children, in particular?”

“There are those who choose to experience difficulties in this life or to work with those experiencing such difficulties because they are learning to communicate and relate in new ways and they are learning compassion to deal with others experiencing similar problems/situations.”

Bartholomew, then, said it was time for them to leave, but they look forward to working with us again to create the phenomena and ectoplasm.  George had planned for us all to sing a new, closing song to facilitate Victoria’s return, but none of us knew the song well enough to keep the energy going.  Finally, George went back to counting up for Victoria and she came back easily, feeling really good; just the opposite of last week’s experience.  She said she stepped back easily (from her body) and watched while they “took over”.  In fact, Mikhail and her guides did their best to facilitate her moving out of body quickly and easily so that the energy can be used to produce the ectoplasm and phenomena that is our goal.

By Sitter Karen V.

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New Sitter, Higher Energy, Shadow Spirit, Native American, White Mist Column, Questions Answered: Seance 10-8-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Emily, Dawn, Radana, Carrie, Martha, and myself (Martha being new to the circle).  Because of the size of the group, George moved the cabinet to a different corner of the séance room, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet, with the small table of objects and trumpets in the middle.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened, with her broken leg on a stool. We grouped the majority of the crystals/clusters collection around the inside of the cabinet with a few beneath Victoria’s chair and stool and some between the sitters. It was more crowded than usual, and considerably warmer in the room.  Victoria commented that the energy in the room was already high before beginning the evening’s activities.  She said one familiar male spirit (familiar to her), very short in stature with brown hair, appeared again, striding across the circle from Barbara to George.  It occurred to me that it sounded like Dr. Nupuf, the retired optometrist for whom I worked as a companion several years ago.  I’ll show Victoria a picture of Dr. Nupuf and see if she recognizes him.  Victoria did messages again this evening (omitted).

There was a lot of energy and activity going on in the room.  A shadow spirit, male, moved behind Barbara.  An area of high energy, like a white whirlwind, moved between the standing trumpet and myself.  I saw a Native American man, his black hair flowing long and loose, sitting in George (Victoria said that it was George’s guide.).  The standing trumpet was swirling with energy and had white, swirling energy around the top.  Then, the trumpet morphed into a Navajo yei figure.1

Between Barbara and Victoria was a column of white energy that reached from floor to ceiling – not a round or geometric column but a dense-to-sparse spiral of white mist or smoke.  I saw, also, many sparks to my left, between Victoria and the table, and to the left of the base of the standing trumpet.

George turned out the lights and opened the circle with our opening prayer and songs.  Then, we om-ed three times and sang our usual three songs: “Amazing Grace”, “In the Garden”, and “You Raised Me Up.”  During the third song, Bartholomew’s voice came through with a strong “Ho!  Greetings, to

Harry jumped in to say that the Other Side is a new realm for him to work as a physician.  Over there is not like over here on earth – over there, he works with personalities.  He, then, asked for all.  Welcome to our newcomers.  Welcome to this energetic, informative group of individuals who share a continuity and passage in the continuum of Light.  I am amongst you here and at other times.  Harry the Physician is, also, here.”

George asked if we keep our earth personalities when we transition to the Other Side?  Or do we merge with other personalities we might have had during other earth life-times?  As an example, he cited someone who was, perhaps, a psychopath in this life.  “What happens to that personality when he transitions?”

“Attendance in this circle requires a clear understanding of the mechanics of communication and manipulating ectoplasm.  Please be patient while I attempt to assist this bridge.  The attempt at communication requires time and patience to coordinate.    There is a difference in the state of mind as, on the astral plane, you retain yourself.  What you learned travels with you.  You develop an understanding about remembering yourself.”  As for judgments, Bartholomew answered that judgment is laid aside.  “All is not as it seems.”

Mary came in, then, “Good Evening.”

Someone asked, “What do you do Over There?”

Mary explained, “Children over there are still learning and we continue to work with them.  I visit them often.  I lived over a hundred years ago. (She had previously told us that she lived during the 1600’s.)  There, we all continue to learn and grow.”

Emily asked if there were illnesses to treat on the Other Side, since there are physicians there?

“Spirits on the Other Side do have bodies of a sort, although not physical ones like we have.  These ‘bodies’ and ‘minds’ do require healing, at times” said Mary.

A new voice, Harry, came through.  He described himself as “what we would call a physician”.  Also, Mary came through, very faintly, as did another woman’s voice.  Except for Bartholomew’s voice, none of the other voices seemed to understand how to amplify their own voices.  At one point, George said, “Barbara, more energy!”  Bartholomew instructed us to “Sing!” (to bring up the energy in the room).

Emily asked if this particular group of spirits who has been communicating with us over the past year comes only to communicate with us or if they meet with other groups here on earth as well?

Bartholomew said that they interact exclusively with us, as our frequencies match up (impinge) closely with theirs.  Of course, the idea of exclusivity pleases us very much!

As soon as the questions petered out, Bartholomew brought the circle to a close, saying that it was time for them to say goodbye but they will return another time.  We tried singing (very poorly) to bring Victoria back but it wasn’t until George counted that Victoria came back into her body, feeling that she had been wrestling all night.

1 A yei is a deity who helps or harms man.  For the Navajo, a yei is a “sacred herald” who moves between humanity and deity.  The yei are pictured in sand paintings used in healing ceremonies.  The yei becomes the mediator between the patient and the gods.  The sand painting restores balance, expulses evil, and establishes immunity/relationship or identification with the Holy People.  A yei can be compared to the angels of the Old Testament.

By Sitters Karen V. and Barbara H.

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Ectoplasm, Transfiguration Process Photos: Seance 8-13-12

Here are a few transfiguration photos. They were taken in extremely dim red light. With this process, a veil of ectoplasm has been placed over physical medium Victoria’s face and then molded into the shape of a spirit entity. Victoria is sitting in her Cabinet.

Notice that only the face, and later part of the body, have a mist in front of them. The rest of the photos are sharp and clear. Click on photos to enlarge.

Ectoplasm, or plasma, covers medium Victoria’s face. Notice that her hands remain clear.

The ectoplasm, or plasma, is being molded and shaped.

Later her face and part of her body are covered. Ectoplasm has moved forward and is forming the face of an entity.


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New Sitter, Billets, Louder Volume, Questions Answered, Some Touches, Shadow Spirit: Seance 10-1-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Emily, Dawn, Radana, Carriee, and myself (Carriee being new to the circle).  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened, with her broken leg on a stool.   Again, we moved the chairs in a semi-circle as close around Victoria as possible and grouped the majority of the crystals/clusters collection around the inside of the cabinet with a few beneath Victoria’s chair and stool and some between the sitters. It was more crowded than usual, and considerably warmer in the room.  Victoria said she would like to try something different tonight instead of giving messages:  billets. Personal billet messages from Victoria have been omitted.

Finally, George turned out the lights and opened the circle with our protection ceremony.  Then, we omed three times and sang our usual three songs: “Amazing Grace”, “In the Garden”, and “You Raised Me Up”.  By the second song, Victoria was breathing heavily.  During the third song, Bartholomew came through with a strong greeting, “Ho!  Greetings.  Hale and well-met, my boy.  We are here to extend communications once again between worlds.”  Obviously, he had been working on raising and stabilizing the volume of the communications as he had said he would.  His voice was loud and clear.  “Questions, Anyone?”

Emily spoke up, asking about a black cat with a white blaze, her cat, one that she’s been carefully watching over, and who has now disappeared.  “Would she get the cat back?  How can she find out if the cat left of its own accord or if it was stolen?”

Bartholomew said that she needn’t worry about her charge, that the cat is safe; the cat is in God’s care now.  Emily, Barbara, and others felt that the cat remains on this plane.  My gut reaction to “in God’s care now” is that the cat is no longer on this earth plane; i.e., he has crossed over and continues on his own path on a higher plane.  Either way, Emily is to remember that this is the cat’s life to live, his/her own path of progression, one that she is not to restrict in any way as doing that might limit the cat’s progression to a higher plane of existence.  Emily should step back a bit and not become so emotionally involved with her charges [my words].  Emily is well-known on the Other Side for her work with animals.  She’ll accomplish what she needs to accomplish by taking baby-steps.

George asked some questions which I don’t remember.

I, then, asked once again, my question from two weeks ago, “If someone dies with the thought in his mind that when he reaches the Other Side, he will simply disappear: poof and gone, will he?”

Bartholomew seemed aware that I had asked the same question last circle, and that his answer had been lost in fading energy.  This time he answered that fear of the end of the world has brought forward all kinds of ideas, including religious ideas, and has caused people to create disparity between beliefs and reality.  ”But most people take pleasure in discovering that life is eternal and continues on to higher planes, no matter what they might have previously believed.  We try to help them reconcile their beliefs with the reality.”

Then, Radana asked who had attempted to channel through her the previous night and would they explain the differences between trancing and channeling?

“This spirit is someone Radana has known a very long time, even from ancient times, who wishes to continue to communicate with her.  Neither channeling nor trancing requires consciousness; the person can be aware –or not – by choice.  He/She can ‘get out of the way’ and allow the communication to happen or he/she can be consciously involved and direct the communication.”

Bartholomew said that it was time for them to depart and end the session.  Then, George called Victoria back and she returned uneventfully to her body.  George said he was glad that Bartholomew was now ending the session.

Victoria said that Mikhail was standing right there in front of her, if any of us could see him.  She said he did not take her to the crystal cave.

Radana said that she was lovingly touched along her left cheek and Dawn reported a “fleeting” touch on her face.  No one else reported touches.

Radana, also, reported a shadow spirit between Dawn and herself.  Carrie reported that the illuminated bands on the standing trumpet appeared and disappeared, as if someone passed between the bands and herself.

George said that he was very aware that Bartholomew’s voice sounded like it was coming from a place well in front of the cabinet, even though Victoria was seated far back in the cabinet.

No one reported orbs, white mists, sparkles, or shooting stars, or auras or colors or scents or sounds.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Animals, 2012, Low Energy: Seance 9-17-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Emily, Darlene, Dawn, Radana, and myself.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened, with her broken leg on a stool. Again, we moved the chairs in a semi-circle as close around Victoria as possible and grouped the majority of the crystals/clusters collection around the inside of the cabinet with a few beneath Victoria’s chair and stool and some between the sitters. It was more crowded than usual, and considerably warmer in the room.  Victoria said that the energy in the room was good, even intense.  Tonight, Victoria said she would give messages but asked George to time her so that she didn’t go over the allotted time.  Victoria welcomed Radana back from her overseas trip, as well as the rocks she brought back with her from some castles. Messages given by Victoria have been omitted.

I apologize for the brevity of the impressions this time. I was so focused on remembering the question I wanted to ask that I basically missed all the messages and events that happened.  Here is what I have been able to piece together with Darlene and Barbara’s help.  Also, I usually write my impressions as soon as I get home Monday night after circle but, like Barbara and Darlene, I was so tired when I got home I went right to bed.

George opened the circle with the prayer of protection and the tape of songs with which we sing along and Victoria started her holotropic breathing.  Barbara said that she was nauseous and did not feel well beforehand or throughout the circle.  On the third song,  “You Raised Me Up,” Bartholomew came through with a hearty “Ho!”  Then, George asked an off-hand question or a question in an off-hand way and there was silence in response.

George said that he thought the energy might be low, so he played the third song again and we all sang along.  Bartholomew said that he brought the good wishes of our families and friends from the Other Side, who are all grateful for our perseverance in trying to establish communications with the Other Side.  Then, he asked for questions?

 I said, “Yes, I have one: If someone has the intention or idea when they die that they will disappear when they reach the Other Side, will they? Or, if they believe they’ll enjoy fifteen virgins, will they?”

Bartholomew started to answer, but the energy level was too low and the voice faded away.  I think he started to say something about how important one’s frame of mind is at death… then the voice trailed away.

Darlene asked if there were animals on the Other Side?  The answer came that yes, indeed, there were animals on the Other Side.  Our animals await us, there.

Barbara’s question was: “What can we do to help the 2012 transition be a more positive one?” The answer was that inside each of us, we can create fear or peace and love and emanate them from within.  We each have the power to create change by starting with ourselves.

The energy in the room seemed to be in a line – no ups or downs.  Barbara felt that her energy was so low that the spirits were working on her and healing her.

NOTE:  As you can tell, a transcription of the recording would be really helpful!!

By Sitter Karen V.

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Kneeling Spirit, Touches, Transfiguration, Plasma is Being Shaped, Warmth: Seance 9-10-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Emily, myself, and two guests, Darlene and Dawn.  Separately, both have been involved in other group activities with one or some of us.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened, with her broken leg on a stool.   Again, we moved the chairs in a semi-circle as close around Victoria as possible and grouped the majority of the crystals/clusters collection around the inside of the cabinet with a few beneath Victoria’s chair and stool and some between the sitters. Tonight, when George turned out the light and before Victoria started with messages, I immediately saw a kneeling or stooped-over spirit between George and Victoria, dressed in dark clothes and a cloak, who seemed to be ministering to Victoria.  Victoria said she was aware of him or her; he has come before and is called the Chemist.  The Chemist works on her from time to time.

Barbara said she saw a spirit kneeling between Dawn and herself.  I was struck by what appeared to be an orange, glowing ball, like a moon, behind Victoria in the cabinet.  It attracted me, and distracted me, for a long time.  Later, it turned out to be nothing but a foam teaching clock, not even a bright color.  It seemed so bright when we started.

Victoria said that many spirits had come: Shiri, family members, among others.  She said to tell Maxine that her horse people were there.  Even before messages, several of us received touches: Barbara was rubbed along her arm and her mother played with her hair and touched the side of her neck; Darlene felt hands pressing on her shoulders; Dawn, I think, was touched on her arm or on her face; I received a quick but forceful touch on my right foot (like a kick) and a touch on my left shoulder (as light as a breeze); George, usually, receives a touch or two; and Emily did not mention any such activities.  Then, Victoria gave messages (omitted).

George, then, opened the circle with the prayer of protection and the tape of songs with which we sing along and Victoria started her holotropic breathing.  Barbara said that she began to get nauseous and had chills.  On the third song,  “You Raised Me Up”, Bartholomew came through with a hearty “Ho!”  It was loud and emphatic enough that it startled the new sitters and left them kind of taken aback.  Bartholomew greeted us again, saying he was so glad to be bringing us communications from their side of the world, a world which seems so distant to us and separate from ours, but isn’t, really.  He asked if we had questions?

No one, immediately, spoke up so Bartholomew launched into an explanation of the importance of transfiguration.

Why do people experience pain and trauma?

He said that it’s not just about changing faces in a surface way, but about the manipulation of the plasma to produce a three-dimensional face.

Then, Barbara asked,  “Why do people have to experience pain and trauma?”

Mary’s tiny, whispering voice came through to say that we have to experience pain in order to know its opposites – joy and laughter and pleasure.

Spirits advise, not dictate.

Emily asked if they [the spirits] can affect our lives on earth?

Bartholomew started to answer, then, Mary’s voice came through, saying that they cannot live our lives [for us].  “The rules are very stringent about this: we can suggest or advise or whisper in your ears but you always have the freedom of choice about what you’ll do.”

George asked if additional physical manifestations might be forthcoming or if the voices that came through would be the central occurrence (my words)?

Plasma is being shaped and manipulated to create phenomena.

In answer, Bartholomew explained that physical manifestations are already occurring along with the voices: that plasma is being shaped and manipulated and created to produce phenomena [such as sounds and touches and scents and voice boxes] and that as we become more sensitive to the sights and sounds and smells that are happening around us, we will be more aware of everything that is actually going on.  [It takes time to develop sensitivity.]

Emily asked if they had night and day on the Other Side?

There is always light.

“No, Bartholomew answered, “There is always light on the Other Side.  At times, we might need to rest so a ‘gossamer’ darkness or dimness suffices.”  Bartholomew, then, said that it was time for them to leave as the subject [the medium] needed to return to her body.

The spirits quickly departed and Victoria said that she panicked when it was time to return to her body.  She could hear George’s voice calling her back, but she couldn’t figure out how to get back into her body.

The room was very warm, tonight.  Victoria was sweating when she finished and Dawn said that, although her body wasn’t warm, her face felt as if it had suffered a sun-burn.  Victoria felt that the spirits had worked on Dawn and her.

Although she had been warned ahead of time, Dawn was surprised how startled she felt when she heard the voices being manifested:  the voices did not sound like Victoria’s voice, so where was Victoria and what had happened to her?  These were the thoughts that were going through Dawn’s mind.

NOTE:  For the next time, have some prepared questions!!

By Sitter Karen V.


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Session #12: Dynamics and Energy in the Dense Plane

Mikhail: Greetings and well met! It is on the tide of a new horizon that I greet you. The dynamics of entropy move and flow the energy in and of our world. This energy, seemingly minute to the point of oblivion, carries with it the potential of enormous power and force. To access this dynamic, we on the more etherial plane contain and manipulate greater and larger forces by combining smaller amounts of matter into a mass effect. It is within these realms that we seek to increase the source of power and force in order to better manipulate the objects surrounding you and permeating the denser plane of matter in which you live. Circumstances alight with fire. Energy combustion of only one form of manipulation and delta (change) of form. There is also a construction of plasma by combining ingredients into a single mass object permeable to the items in the dense field. Manipulation of these objects is produces by expultation(?) (of electrons) generated. Adjusting the energetic rays can be accomplished. It is this we are working to achieve. We send you light and love and peace and harmony.

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Transfiguration, Touching, Energy, Lights, Answers: 2012, Sensitivity, Soul Facets, Animals: Seance 8-20-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria (in a wheelchair) and George, Barbara, Emily, and myself.  Before we started, we danced to a video “Where in the world is Matt?”.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened, with her broken leg on a stool.   Again, we moved the chairs in a semi-circle close around Victoria and grouped the majority of the crystals/clusters collection around the inside of the cabinet with a few beneath Victoria’s chair and stool. Tonight, George turned out the light and Victoria started with messages.  Even before the messages, Victoria was doing transfigurations: I saw my sister Jean, several other women unknown to me, several red, male Native American faces, and several brown/black African-American faces, as well.  Emily, also, saw the Native American faces. Messages have been omitted.

George, then, opened the circle with the prayer of protection and the tape of songs with which we sing along.  On the third song,  “You Raised Me Up,” Bartholomew came through with a hearty “Ho, my dear friends!  I am here on your plane as a representative of many individuals on the Other Side who find great pleasure in conversing with you.”

George said, “We welcome you.  Thank you for coming.  This time we’re prepared with questions.”

Barbara said she had questions.  “What is going to happen at the end of 2012?  Will it be disaster and destruction as we have been hearing, or merely some sort of major change or shift?” Bartholomew replied that the Earth has gone through many shifts and changes throughout time so man must adjust as best he can.  The changes that are coming won’t be anything bad, though.  [I’m sure there was more but I don’t remember anything else.]

Emily said that her question was a selfish one. Bartholomew replied, “We are all self-aware and being selfish is not necessarily a bad thing.” Emily asked what she can do to make herself more aware of spirit being around her. Bartholomew said that it was much like driving a car.  “At first, your focus is on the road ahead and you’re not really aware of other cars on the road around you.  Eventually, you progress and begin to notice the cars around you.  You become comfortable with the mechanics of the process and increase your awareness of what’s around you.  The same will happen as you begin to understand the energy dynamics involved and become comfortable in an energy setting.  Knowing that you want to see them will attract spirits who want to interact with you, who “want to be seen” (my words).  “Be patient and learn and develop when the time is right.”

George asked about something but my mind is blank about what it might have been.  George, then, asked if anyone else had a question.  I said I did.  “Would you explain more about astral shadows?”

“Ho!  Astral shadows are different aspects or facets of a soul on different planes of existence, like separate individuals within a single soul.  If one part of the soul incarnates, sometimes another part, or individual, will follow.”

Barbara asked what guide helps her with her art?  Her mother came forward to say that she does.

I asked, “Do humans ever re-incarnate as animals or vice-versa?” Bartholomew said, “Animals do evolve but on their own evolutionary path.  They learn and grow in a similar way to humans and progress to higher planes but they do not become humans.”  They might become a higher species of animal, though.  Humans and animals interact and learn from each other but don’t share evolutionary paths.

Other forms of manifestation involved touching.  Victoria was touched on her leg.  Barbara was touched on her hand, I think.  And Emily was touched on her neck, I believe.

Barbara saw a black and white shadow spirit between Emily and herself (white in the middle) that climbed onto Emily’s lap – a dog or cat – “a tricolor,” Emily said, “white on its breast and belly.”

Victoria said that Mikhail was dressed in a cloak and standing behind her, doing something with the back of her head: “making a smile on the back of my head.”  Right at the end of the session, Victoria said a young woman with red hair in a short cut, and slender, came in.  I feel that it was my sister, Jean.

There was much energy movement going on.  There was a floating river of energy like a flying carpet, blue, floating above the cabinet and over towards Barbara.  There was white energy moving just above the floor in front of George and between George and myself.  There was an energy “pouf” of white light around Emily’s head.  There were sparkling gems of white light all around the cabinet and the room.  There was green healing light in front of Emily and Barbara.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Movie Feature: The Afterlife Investigations — The Scole Experiments

Breakthrough scientific evidence for the afterlife. The Scole Experiments: for five years a group of mediums and scientists witnessed more phenomena than in any other experiment in the history of the paranormal, including recorded conversations with the dead, written messages on sealed film, video of spirit faces and even spirit forms materializing. These experiments may finally convince you there is life after death.

The scientific team in change of overseeing these experiments include world renowned Cambridge Scientist – Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. David Fontana and Researcher Montague Keen who died during the filming of the documentary.

Click on the link below to view movie: 

The Afterlife Investigations – Movie Feature – The Scole Experiments.

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Crystals, Bartholomew the Poltergeist? Raps, Questions Answered: Seance 8-13-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria (in a wheelchair) and George, Barbara, Emily, and myself.  Victoria was in her wheelchair in her cabinet, curtains opened.  We moved the altar table from the center of the circle to near the backdoor and moved the chairs in a semi-circle close around Victoria. I grouped the majority of the crystals/clusters collection around the inside of the cabinet with a few beneath Victoria’s wheelchair and stool and several healing crystals around her foot and inside her leg cast.  The largest crystal ball (a gift from Jamie Luquette) was between the cabinet and sitters.  The basket of crystal and Lemurian crystal laser wands was between the sitters with the crystals aimed at Victoria and the cabinet.

Tonight, Victoria started with a short meditation to bring us all into harmony after a tough week.  As part of the meditation we were to look to our right side and see the spirit person who wished to connect with us.  He/she would place some object in our right hand as a token.  We were to feel it and connect with it.  For me, it was a smooth stone that came to a point, possibly a diamond-shape that gave off a bright purple aura.  We can connect with this item anytime we wish. Victoria gave messages (omitted).

I could not see Victoria’s  face tonight but was aware of the movement of energy: white mists and sparkles at the top of the cabinet and all around it; prepared a red light just in front of Victoria’s face (but left it off for now); white mists and sparks around Barbara; white mists and sparkles around George’s head and shoulders; a sort of white cloud (more like green- and white-spikes of hair emanating from Emily’s head (Victoria commented on it and I saw it); a green, then indigo, ring around Victoria’s head.

George, then, turned down the red light leaving it on brightly enough to try and get some pictures of Victoria’s face.  Then, he opened the circle with songs, forgetting the prayer of protection.  In the midst of “In the Garden”, Victoria – and Barbara – started breathing heavily.  In the midst of “You Raised Me Up”, Bartholomew came through with a strong “Ho!  Here am I, my friends, right here with you on your plane of existence.”  “Ho!  Welcome.  Thank you for coming”, we all said.  George asked, immediately, if it was all right to leave the light on?  “No, it’s not yet time. Do not release the light.”

George asked about the clicks and taps we have heard sometimes:  “We sometimes hear clicks….”  Bartholomew responded with, “Are you calling us poltergeists?”  We all laughed at that.  “Sometimes, the mechanics of the systems we work with on our plane of existence carry over to your plane of existence as vibrations or audible phenomena.”

Bartholomew asked, then, if any of us had any questions about the workings of the universe on their or our plane of existence?”  None of us sitters could think, immediately, of any appropriate questions.  Bartholomew said, “Come, come, surely someone has questions about life on our plane of existence or the secrets of the universe?”

Emily piped up with, “Can I ask a question?”  “Yes, young lady.  Speak up.”  “Can I contact some of the wonderful veterinarians I’ve known who are now in spirit?”  “Excellent question.  You can contact them through the angelic realm.  Just think of them and they will be close and they will answer your questions.”

George asked if they were aware of the health concerns of the medium?  Bartholomew replied, “We are well aware of the damage to the tissue and we are attempting a healing of the vessel of the plasma.  It’s a complicated undertaking (the last sentence is in my words -K).”

Barbara asked if dancing and singing were helpful to raise the vibrations?  Bartholomew replied, “We like to watch the dancing.  How helpful the dancing is, energy-wise, depends on it being in harmony with our use of certain elements to manipulate the energy.”

I asked if he could explain the concept of soul-mates to us?  “You were questioning whether you have a soul-mate, and I can assure you that you do.  A soul-mate is like one aspect of a soul and you are another facet of the soul.  We may range across space and universes and visit other worlds; however, each of us is always connected to the core.  We are connected to the Source – and to our soul-mate(s) – like a puppet on a string: but not a puppet: we have the control although we remain connected always.  We are always aware of this other aspect of ourselves, our astral soul, aware that we share this connection on both ‘sides’ of life.”

When George talked Victoria back, the scent of sweet perfume mixed with the sweet scent of food, permeated the air.  I smelled it but apparently no one else detected it.  Victoria said her grandmother was there.

Bartholomew’s voice was quite clear tonight, although it did fade out, sometimes.  The volume was much better.  Bartholomew confirmed that they had been working on their side to increase the volume.  At one point, when his voice started to fade, Bartholomew broke in with, “Sing!”  George suggested that we sing “Do-Re-Mi” and we all did, hoping to raise our vibrations.

We told Victoria about the healing the spirits had done on her.  She said that she was aware that she had been touched on her leg, under the cast.

There were other manifestations, as well.  At the end of the séance, we checked the magic tablet/pad and there were markings on it;  also, the Egyptian scarab that was in my fetish purse under my chair ended up on the floor behind all of us, away from the group.  There were taps and knocks that sounded like they were coming from outside or upstairs above us.  (There is no upstairs above us.)  Emily heard some knocks coming from the front room.  (Nothing was missing.)

By Sitter Karen V.


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Transfiguration, White Mist and Sparkles, Bartholomew Speaks: Seance 8-6-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria (in a wheelchair) and George, Barbara, Emily, and myself.  Victoria was in her wheelchair in her cabinet, her broken leg in a cast and sticking out, curtains opened.  There was one addition to our crystal collection: a basket of crystal and Lemurian crystal laser wands of all sizes. And, I brought a vase of freshly picked red canna lilies and purple beautyberries and leaves.  Tonight, Victoria had planned on starting with a meditation; however, her guides had other ideas — she brought through messages from our flower guides (omitted).

While Victoria was bringing through these flower guides, she was, also, manifesting transfiguration.  There were several different faces, mostly of women unknown to me, but with something familiar about them.  Every second or third face was Shiri’s, at different stages of her life, mostly the one most known to us.  Also, Victoria manifested John Lilek’s face, which Barbara and Emily also saw.  Barbara said she could see Victoria’s face change but could not recognize any other faces except for John Lilek’s.

 George, then, turned out the red light and opened the circle with our prayer of protection and songs.  Also, we did three deep breaths to raise our vibrational levels.

At this point and throughout the séance, Barbara was seeing white mists and sparkles, especially in the cabinet.  Emily said that tonight was the first time she had seen flashes of light out of the corners of her eyes, throughout the séance.

Before the songs were finished, Victoria was doing deep breathing and beginning to attempt to manifest voices.  Shortly thereafter, Bartholomew came through with a “Ho!  I’m here.  We’re so grateful for your willingness to participate in communications with Our Side.  Bear with us while we attempt to re-create the procedures to accomplish the difficult process of communication between worlds.  We prefer to use a [spiritual] battery rather than to use your personal energies directly.”  Most of what Bartholomew said was spoken so quietly that even George, who sits closest to the cabinet of all of us, could barely catch a word here and there.  Hopefully, the recorder did catch it all and the volume can be enhanced!

George asked if they experience rain on the Other Side?  We seemed to lose the voice again so George suggested we breathe deeply again, and play the recording of the three songs again and sing to bring up our vibrations.  Bartholomew thanked us for our willingness to work to raise our energy levels to make things easier for them.  Meanwhile, they are working on their end to increase the volume [of the manifested voices].  Bartholomew’s voice boomed once more during the songs: “Here am I, my friends.”

Emily asked if the thunderstorms moving through our area could be causing electrical interference and dropped connections?  Bartholomew mumbled something about the battery not being charged properly because we had not established a connection with them across the divide.  Bartholomew tried several times to increase his volume and to come through loud and strong, without success.

Finally, he said he had to go but they all would be back to try again.  We thanked him for his perseverance.  Then, George began talking Victoria back.

 When Victoria was back, she said that Mikael had not taken her to the caverns this time.  She had not gone out-of-body easily or returned easily.  When coming back, she was a bit freaked out because her right arm was not returning with the rest of her body.  Her guides told her that she needed to trust that they were taking care of her body and that she would be fine.  George continued to calmly talk her back and her arm was fine when she was able to return fully.

She said that, at that point, there was a man and a woman standing in front of her – a broad-shouldered man and a small woman.  George suggested that they might be connected to him but Victoria said no.  Perhaps, they had something they wanted to say but were not able to come through?

Victoria said, also, that, for the first time, she heard us talking in the circle when she returned.  She recognized my voice.  Indeed, I had been talking, trying to repeat what Bartholomew said.  The fact that Victoria heard us is probably an indication that she had returned early and did not want to go back out-of-body.

At one point, I felt a sharp pain in my left temple, which moved, then, to the middle of my forehead (in the vicinity of my third eye).  The pain could have been caused by the low pressure of the storm system (Storm Ernesto) or was I picking up Victoria’s pain?

By Sitter Karen V.

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Bartholomew Answers Questions, A Sitter is Mentioned, Dr. Jeffery, Touches, Sparks, Transfiguration: Seance 7-30-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria (in a wheelchair) and George, Barbara, Emily, and myself, and Radana on the other side of the world. Victoria was in her wheelchair in her cabinet, her broken leg in a cast and sticking out, curtains opened.  There were three additions to our crystal collection: an orange calcite, a gift to me from Victoria and George, a medium-sized quartz Merkaba Master Healer crystal (A.K.A. star tetrahedron crystal), and a wire-wrapped rose quartz crystal blessed by John of God (the South American native healer).  Tonight, we started by doing a chakra meditation led by Victoria.  Then, she started with messages (omitted).

 George then opened the circle with our prayer of protection and songs. Before the finish of the third song, Bartholomew’s voice came through: “Ho!  How are you, my boy?  There are many of us here to speak with you.  We greet you with grace and peace, my friends.  We are so glad to be able to communicate with you across the bridge between dimensions.  Are there questions you wish to ask of me?”  George said that he and Victoria needed to make a quick decision about their trip to England in September to see several physical manifestation mediums as they work.  Should they continue with their plans or cancel the trip?  Bartholomew replied, “Safety is always an issue.  Any decision involves risk because life itself is a risk.”

Sitter Radana

George asked what their day is like?   Bartholomew said, “It’s glorious, magnificent, radiant.”  He continued, “One of your friends from this group is missing tonight (Radana).  She may be on the other side of the world (Czech Republic) finding her niche and reconnecting with family members but, in truth, she’s right here with us; no further away than we, here, are, one from another.”

Emily asked if Bartholomew is also called Nathaniel?  (The names are identified with each other in the Bible)  “Not at the present time.  We here, without the encasement of a physical body, have no need of names in order to recognize one from another.  We know each other by our energies and recognition is instantaneous.”

Bartholomew continued on:  “We spend our time continuing to study and learn there (on the Other Side) and also continue with our research and development on earth as well (If they return to earth).  Knowledge is never wasted but is built upon to rise to other dimensions.”

Patience is a Virtue!

George asked if they could do what they do (physical manifestations) with a light on?  Bartholomew replied, “The time is not yet right.  Be patient.”  George came back with, “Oh, no, there’s that “P” word again — patience!”  Bartholomew, then, replied,  “Yes, my boy.  We have to learn patience here as well.”

George said, “Phooey, we thought you partied all the time on your side.”  Bartholomew said, “We do have social interaction groups that meet often.  Social interaction is very important to us.”  1

For the most part, it was hard to hear most of the conversations.  George could barely hear; I caught a word here and there; and Emily couldn’t hear at all.  Emily asked if the crystals helped raise the energy level in the room?  Bartholomew replied that crystals conduct energy by letting the energy flow through the stone so they do help to amplify the energy.  He said that he would work on raising the volume of the voices if we would work on raising our own energy levels, which will make it easier for the conduit (the medium).

Emily asked if it would help them if we moved closer to the cabinet, so we all could hear better?  Bartholomew seemed to think it would be a good idea if we did move closer in a semi-ring around Victoria.

A new voice came through: he said his name was Jeffrey (Geoffrey?) and he’s a medical doctor.  He never worked as a doctor on our plane of existence but he’s been studying human anatomy on the Other Side and practices there.

Barbara asked if her husband, Rick, will have help when he transitions?  Bartholomew assured her that he (they) will not be alone.  Bartholomew commented that some people don’t recognize that a change has occurred because the transition is so smooth and easy.  All that they are aware of is movement and travel.  He (Rick) may need time to become aware of and to adjust to the changes.  Some people are held here on earth by chains (of love or hate, for instance) that keep them from leaving and “going with the flow.”

Shiri came through.  Victoria was doing transfiguration right after we opened the circle and one of the faces was definitely Shiri’s.  We have asked for her to join us at each séance.  It seemed like Shiri was, also, trying to send her voice through, without success at this time.  We told her to keep trying, as we know she can do it, without a doubt.  Shiri has (had) a very strong will.  No doubt she will accomplish whatever she wants to accomplish.

Besides the voices, I was touched on my nose – all of a sudden, it was itchy and I had to rub it.  Also, Emily and I heard heavy breathing behind her, though there was no one there.  Emily later said that she believed it was her husband, who had transitioned years ago.

Barbara saw sparks around the room.  George saw a spirit between Victoria and himself.  I saw bright blue or indigo light around Victoria’s face.  Also, while the transfigurations were occurring, Victoria’s face looked smooth and white, like a blank, convex piece of porcelain.

George asked if we might expect to see additional kinds of physical manifestations occur in the future, or if the voices would be the main focus?  Bartholomew said, again, “Patience, my boy.”  George said, “There’s that “P” word, again!”  Bartholomew continued, “It takes time to master such abilities.  When you are on the Other Side you’ll learn to manipulate time and move easily between dimensions.  It’s not what you humans think it is (time).  Events on many levels happen simultaneously.”

George also asked if they needed it cold to accomplish the manifestations.  They talked about something, then asked if that answered the question?  George re-phrased the question: did they need the AC left on or could he get the room cold ahead of time and, then, turn off the AC?  Bartholomew agreed with that.  George asked if we should go ahead and get rid of the table/altar and move closer to Victoria?  Bartholomew agreed with that suggestion as well.

When Victoria returned, she said that Mikhail was still there, standing in front of her.  He had taken her to the caverns again, the crystal caverns, sort of silvery-white in appearance, glowing, with an invisible “gate” or “flame” barrier to the Other Side.  Emily suggested that Victoria read a particular book about certain South American mayan caverns that are supposed to be a direct link to the Other Side.

NOTE:  According to Joseph McMoneagle’s book,  The Ultimate Time Machine, as a remote viewer for Robert Monroe, at the Monroe Institute, the main reason that Jesus came to earth was to impress on man the importance of interaction, between people, between groups, between good and bad; i.e., it’s the key to raising man’s vibrations because no one group has the truth.  Truth is an interaction of good and bad and bits of truth from many groups.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Shooting Stars, Shadows, White Energy, Touching, Bartholomew & Mary Make a Brief Visit: Seance 7-23-12

Medium Victoria in her cast next to the cabinet.

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria (in a wheelchair) and George, Barbara, Emily, and myself. Victoria was in her cabinet, her broken leg in a cast and sticking out, curtains opened. Victoria, immediately, said that the crystal energy felt different and that Mikael was taking her backwards, “deep” into the cabinet, rather than taking her to the caverns as he usually does. They were working on, or with, her heart, she said. Also, she said Shiri was standing in one corner of the cabinet. We welcomed Shiri. Then, Victoria started with messages (omitted). George, then, turned off the red light bulb that John Lilek had given him and opened the circle.

George began our protection ritual, and invited in our guides and guardians, families and friends in spirit, as well as anyone else we wanted to include.  We om’d and sang the usual three songs: “Amazing Grace” by Bocelli, “In the Garden” by Loretta Lynn, and “You Raised Me Up” by Josh Groban.  There were many points and streaks of white light, like shooting stars with lots of white light streaking in front of Victoria and shadow spirits moving across the front of the cabinet.  There was, also, a band of white light in front of, and above, George.  There were swirls and spirals of white energy around the center altar.

The energy in the room seemed low tonight, perhaps due to Victoria’s injury (broken leg) and because we all were so quiet tonight, not as talkative or bantering as is usual.  There was definitely healing going on (I was aware of green light between Victoria and the altar.)  Victoria said she had asked the spirits to ignore her wounds and to concentrate on manifestation rather than healing.  At one point, Victoria said she had felt her leg being touched under the cast.  To raise the energy level in the room, we took deep breaths which we released slowly.  We sang “Do-Re-Mi” and recited a nursery rhyme.  The energy in the cabinet seemed dense.

I was holding the clarity crystal procured for me by Shiri; the small, clear star tetrahedron (also called quartz Merkaba Master Healer) from Shiri and a thin, clear, flat crystal in my left hand; and “Listening Ear” rock in my right hand.  It flashed through my mind that at the next circle, we ought to each hold an Apophyllite pyramid crystal with the apex pointed towards Victoria, sending her and the spirits amplified Reiki energy.

Two voices came through: Bartholomew’s and Mary’s.  Mary’s voice whispered so quietly we couldn’t understand but a few of her words: “Electrical phenomena happen on every plane, “ she said, and that they (the spirits) are as close to us as we are to one another.

George felt that the energy was not quite right tonight.  He checked with Mikael and they agreed that it was time to call Victoria back.

Personal Note:  Tonight, once again, the Alaskan whalebone sculpture of “Grandmother Whalesong” looked like it was “crying” huge tears.  It looked like her black mascara was running.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Evidential Experiences (Drawings): Seance 7-9-12

Ed note: The “box” refered to in the above drawing is the cloth cabinet structure.

Illustrative Drawings by Sitter Barbara H.

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Transfigurations, Healing Information, Bartholomew & 3 Others Speak: Seance 7-9-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, Emily, and myself. Victoria was in her cabinet, curtains opened.  She said there was more than one spirit with her in the cabinet.  I saw her face transfigure to many different faces in the space of a few seconds.  Some of the faces seemed somewhat familiar but did not last long enough for me to identify.

Victoria started by giving messages (omitted). Maxine came to Victoria through mental telepathy.  Victoria figured that Maxine was probably thinking about us.  I asked her the following day if she had, indeed, been thinking about us and she said that she had; in fact, she had almost come to the circle.

George then began our protection ritual  to open the circle, and invited in our guides and guardians, families and friends in spirit, as well as Harry Edwards and Shiri.  We om’d and sang the usual three songs: “Amazing Grace” by Pavarotti, “In the Garden” by Loretta Lynn, and “You Raised Me Up” by Josh Groban.

Emily asked for a healing for Harry, a tiny rescue kitty who would not eat.  Barbara asked for a healing for Rick.  I asked for a healing for Terry for his arthritis.  Radana asked for a healing for someone she knows who is sick.

Before we finished singing, Victoria sort of choked, and when we finished, Bartholomew came through right away: “Ho!”   He said there were many who came through with him, that they were right there with us – in our realm – and that later he would introduce us to a young girl.

Suddenly, there was a healing guide there to help with little Harry, and to instruct us how to use light to balance the distortions we cause in our bodies that bring us pain and suffering.  Barbara asked if that healing technique was similar to Reiki.  “It’s all healing energy,” he said (or something like that).  We should surround those we want to heal with the White Light of Christ.  Bartholomew mentioned, also, that the animal realm is right here with us, as well.

During a lull, Radana asked if we should ask questions. And Bartholomew replied, “Ask away.”  Radana could not think of anything to ask on short notice, so George asked how we could help raise the energy level in the room?  “Sing,” was the reply.  So we lamely sang “B-I-N-G-O” and “Do-Re-Mi” and “Jingle Bells”.

Barbara asked what life is like on the Other Side?  “Active, very active, lots to do.  Get-togethers in great halls to socialize.”

Emily asked if it was hard for them to make the connection through the veil?  “Difficult, very difficult to do so.  Very complex process.”  Bartholomew said that that was why he was there – to act as a bridge between worlds. It seemed like every time we sang or om’d, Bartholomew’s voice would come through loud and clear.

George asked Bartholomew how long he had been on the Other Side?  “Eight hundred or so years.” He said that he’s working to ascend to other levels, and now he works as a bridge, assisting others to communicate through the veil.

After three voices came through (and spoke to us), suddenly Bartholomew said that it was time for them to go back but they would return again.  We thanked them for their time and effort and said that we looked forward to the next time. Then, George called Victoria back.

When Victoria was back, she said that she had panicked at some point and wanted to come back but when George had called her back, she wasn’t ready to come back.  She thought only about ten or fifteen minutes had gone by but the recorder showed one hour and fifteen minutes.

She said, also, that right after she had finished giving messages she saw a male spirit walk between Emily and me and one was standing between Barbara and Radana.

For some reason, I was not comfortable with my position sitting in the circle; it seemed dark and “not right”.  I had my eyes closed for the first messages and when I finally opened them, I was startled to find myself sitting where I was.  I felt like I was at the end of the room instead of on the side of the room (next to George), which feels more comfortable to me.  Also, it was too difficult to hear what the voices were saying.

I held the small star tetrahedron, again, and the small crystal ball.  Next time, I want to try holding the largest crystal ball (given to me by my friend Jamie Luquette).  Maybe I will attract her spirit to come to the circle.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Shadow Spirit, Facial Transfiguration, Hovering Orange Light, Cabinet, Touches, Voices, We Meet Sally: Seance 7-2-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Emily (new to the circle), and myself.   The other major difference in this circle was the addition of a 4-foot by 4-foot cabinet for Victoria.  Each of us sat alone in the cabinet to try it out.

Victoria felt that the cabinet needed to be much larger so that we could all be in the cabinet with her!  She felt, also, that there was someone behind her.  Barbara felt that, as well.  The cabinet reminded me of a Native American sweatlodge.  The darkness inside doesn’t close you in; instead, it seems to expand the space.  Emily mentioned that it seems to focus the energy; indeed, it felt to me like a column of focused energy, rather than an explosion of energy.  Victoria preferred to leave the curtain open this night.

Victoria started by giving messages (omitted).  I saw her surrounded by an indigo blue aura for a long time.

During the messages, I was aware of a tall, strong shadow spirit striding between Emily and myself.  Also, a spirit moving rapidly whipped around my left shoulder.  I saw, also, Victoria’s face transfigure to other, “real” faces, and to various stylized masks.  I saw a tiny, orange light hover directly over Emily’s head, which stayed there during the entire circle.  Victoria said that she saw a face just above Emily’s head that is always with Emily.

George turned off the lights and opened the circle with our protection ritual, we all welcomed our guides and guardians, families and friends in spirit, mediums in spirit or not, and we om’d and sang the usual three songs: “Amazing Grace” by Andrea Bocellii, “In the Garden” by Loretta Lynn, and “You Raised Me Up” by Josh Groban.  Victoria was already breathing deeply.   George said he felt that there was a lot of energy in the room.  I was seeing multiple colors flash directly in front of my eyes.  I don’t remember seeing any orbs or shooting stars, just an occasional mass movement of light, like a cloud or mist.

As in several previous circles, a shadow spirit moved between the standing trumpet and me, as evidenced by some of the luminous bands on the trumpet disappearing, then re-appearing.

At one point, I felt a rush of cool air, then warm air, on my left arm.  Barbara, also, commented on this movement of air.  I felt, also, movement between my knees: perhaps a touch, perhaps not.  Barbara mentioned being touched, as did George on his right cheek.

I heard a woodpecker drumming; some crashes that seemed to be coming from outside and behind the healing center. I felt quite comfortable throughout the circle (no icy cold air in the room).  No one else mentioned being cold, either.

As soon as George opened the circle, a voice came through clearly, not Bartholomew’s, but similar; perhaps, Jordan’s?

Then, Mary’s voice came through but she spoke so quietly it was difficult to understand the words.  The spirits said that they would use plasma to produce the phenomena of an independent voice-box.  Barbara greeted Mary with a comment about her umbrella.  Mary mentioned something about an instrument not being available. (She had mentioned in one of the last sessions that she wanted to play an instrument.)

A new voice came through.  George asked for a name: “Sally”.  George asked if this was the “Sally” that he and Victoria knew, Sara’s daughter?  “Yes.”  Apparently, Sally is Victoria’s mother.  She came through to tell us to tell Victoria that she needs to step back and release.  George said how great it was to talk with her and she mentioned the importance of family connections.

Emily mentioned that she recognized Norman’s voice and George said, “Yes, he was there.”

After three voices came through, things got quiet.  After a brief time, George contacted Mikhail, Victoria’s spirit guide, to see if it was time to end the circle.  It was, so he called Victoria back.  Victoria said that Mikhail had not taken her to the caverns as usual but had worked with her forehead or mind.  She couldn’t remember what the teaching was.  George checked Victoria for ectoplasm, which he did not feel, but Victoria’s hands were very hot!  At one point, I felt my scalp prickle. At the very end of the session, Victoria said that Barbara’s mother had come in.

This time I held the tiny, clear star tetrahedron crystal that Shiri had procured for me in my left hand, and “Listening Ear”, my smooth black rock, in my right hand.  Barbara held the large amethyst star tetrahedron and some of her personal stones.

Personal Note At home tonight, my Native American whalebone sculpture of “Grandmother Whalesong” for the first time looks like she’s crying big tears – of joy or sorrow, I’m not sure which.  Then again, maybe I just have double vision at 2:00 AM!  Her appearance was back to normal by the next morning.

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Crystals, Bartholomew and Mary Speak, Flash of Light, Brief Mist, Energy Fluctuations: Seance 6-18-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, and myself (Karen).   Today, butterflies, and especially dragonflies, were out in great numbers munching on swarms of baby mosquitoes (dragonflies symbolize illusion).

As soon as I sat down in the circle and picked up the particular crystals I decided to hold that night, my left arm started hurting.  First, Victoria gave messages (omitted).

George turned off the lights and opened the circle with our protection ritual, we all welcomed our guides and guardians, families and friends in spirit, mediums in spirit or not, and we om’d and sang the usual three songs: “Amazing Grace” by Andrea Bocelli, “In the Garden” by Loretta Lynn, and “You Raised Me Up” by Josh Groban. Before we were finished singing the latter song, Bartholomew’s booming voice broke through, saying. “Ho!  It is I, my boy!”

George said we were here and how was everyone tonight?  “Fit and fine.  Like a crest of a wave.”  His voice was loud and clear, then later, faded in and out.  All of us thanked him for coming.  There was some noise, kind of high-pitched, and George asked him if someone else was there, perhaps Mary (who had come through in a previous circle)?  “My dear boy, I’m still here.”

Then, we heard a high-pitched woman’s voice come through.  George asked if it was Mary?  “Yes, it is I.”

Then, a third voice tried to break through but the voice was barely a whisper and was impossible to understand.  George believed the voice said that she wanted to play an instrument.  George mentioned that we had several around – a toy piano, harmonica, rattle, trumpets, etc.

 George asked, also, what we could do to help with the manifestations and communications.  In order to raise the energy level, George said we should all take a deep breath and release it.  I heard Bartholomew mention the word “laughter”.  One of the voices said that the mechanics of the process was not easy.  George asked if ectoplasm was being used?  No answer.  Then, Barbara said something about the ups and downs of the energy level being a problem (in the room).  Bartholomew responded with, “Give that girl a gold star!”

I was holding a lightning stick (crystal) in my right hand and a small, clear star tetrahedron Merkabah crystal in my left hand.  I started directing Reiki energy through the crystals to Victoria and to the spirits.

George asked Bartholomew if Shiri was there.  Silence.  The energy changed as if Bartholomew had left the area to go looking for Shiri.  At that point, George asked Mikhail if it was time for Victoria to come back.  Mikhail said it was, so George called Victoria back with the sound of his voice.  Barbara and I sent Reiki energy to Victoria to help ease the process.

Occasionally, I saw flashes of light, motion, and color out of the corner of my eye.  Barbara said that she had, also, out of the corners of both eyes.  I had the feeling that my last Westie (dog), Lacey, was there.

Victoria said that Mikhail had taken her to the crystal caverns, once again.  They showed her a star in the sky (or ceiling of the caverns) and how the energy from each star converged on one tiny point of light below (on earth).

Victoria said, also, that my dad and Radana’s grandparents’ cousin, had remained for the entire circle, instead of stepping back once the messages were over.

As far as phenomena went, it was a relatively quiet night.  No one seemed to have been touched.  I did not see any orbs or sparkles or points of light, just a dense, white mist or two.  The trumpet stood quietly, unused.

The thermostat read 78 degrees when we started but it seemed very cold from the first moment we walked into the séance room.  However, no one complained of being cold.  When Victoria “came back,” she complained about how hot she felt.  We all felt her hands and they were hot but George said her face and arms were cool.  No smells or sounds were mentioned.  Perhaps, each of us let our respective personal issues distract us from our focus.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Audio Recording – Bartholomew, Mary, Sally: Seance 7-2-12


The original recording has been clipped to remove long pauses.

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Session #11 with Mikhail: Full Release of Control, Plasma Transfer into a Solid

Mikhail: Thank you for arriving early. We have much to talk about. Release, let go. A state of mind, a state of vibration, it is all the same thing. As you sit in your chair during the seance, focus and incline your attention of the state of your being that takes you to the astral or etheric plane. The vibration will be less intense yet still light and lively.

The enigma we are facing is how do we increase the speed of performance as we transfer the plasma into solid state? The chemicals that are put into the transition/transmutation mixture are of a fine and delicate quality. Your world, the physical plane, is made up of dense matter, so dense it remains in the realm you currently reside in.

And yet, we stimulate and draw out like taffy a gossamer component in order to present the effects of our world, our plane of existence, into the matter at hand. The core essence must remain in a container for the duration of our enterprise as we go about covering and surrounding the lighter frequency material with a coating supplied to bring strength and viscosity to the component: a shield.

When two or more materials must mesh, ‘glue’ must be used to keep them from separating. The means by which we do this is a variety of methods, implemented by many on our side, to combine energy and light into a solid framework. It is (with) the use of energy drawn from the Sitters, as well as plasma and control of the Instrument (medium), that we strive to put all the pieces together to produce a solid entity with which to communicate through…

Think of a barrel.

Victoria: I saw a wooden barrel.

Mikhail: This barrel has a top, bottom, and sides. It is a container in the truest sense of the word. Into this container we direct a mix needed to manipulate solid matter in the physical plane. It is delicate work and progress is slow but steady.

Victoria: Mikhail showed me a thick piece of rope that he tied into a simple knot. He then repeated this and made me understand that he wanted me to tie the knot in the rope, which I did.

Mikhail: Notice how it feels.

Victoria: Jordan (Bartholomew) was there and tied the knot over and over using my hands.

Mikhail: The more you release, the more we control.

Victoria: What am I doing wrong or what could I be doing better?

Mikhail: It is a process of learning. Each time you come closer to the goal of full release. This is when the most manifestation/phenomena/experience will happen. Practice the release (i.e. letting Jordan control and move my body). It will come to pass.

Victoria: I started to focus on Jordan.

Mikhail: Do not overly familiarize yourself with Jordan. This is not where your focus should be. Mikhail stepped forward. Victoria, relax. It is a total release, a letting go. It will come, we will be there. Practicing in the dark is better. Thank you for coming today. We will meet again. Adieu.

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Session #10 with Mikhail – Adding New Sitters

Victoria: I asked about adding a new Sitter to our circle, and also adding other Sitters as time goes on.

Mikhail: Hello Victoria, it is I, Mikhail. Hail and well met! Reduce your questions to a single inquiry, “What would be the best for the group as a whole?” The more Sitters you have the more (the session was interrupted and resumed five minutes later). … The question was about Sitters. We do not object to the increase in participation. Emily (the potential new Sitter) has a softer energy than you might imagine.

When adding Sitters, a harmonious vibration must be achieved. Familiarity, gaiety and laughter all work toward producing a community energy needed for manifestation of plasma and continued progress. Educate well each Sitter in regard to what they may expect and experience. Your safety is always a primary concern and to reduce the impact to your well-being and good health. Explain in detail the uses and rich content of our mission.

Victoria: Anything else you would like to add or talk about?

Mikhail: I would like another session with you when you have more time to discuss parameters of building and producing metamorphosis of light/frequency/energy/vibration/sight/sound in greater abundance.

Victoria: I mused briefly about the main Control, Bartholomew.

Mikhail: Jordan, Jordan. Relax and let the Entity work. Make pliable and free your control of your body. Let your consciousness reside in your mind. “Come away o’ human child…” Release and let go, that is all there is to it. Until we meet again.

Victoria: Please relay our deepest gratitude to the wonderful people (beings, entities) who have helped us so well and for so long.

Mikhail: I will.

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Table Tipping

Sitter George in blue plaid shirt, and his daughter in red, explore the physical phenomena of Table Tipping. Wearing a white jacket and dark blue shirt, Sitter Radana looks on from the background. 

In this video Sitter George and his daughter get assistance from beings in Spirit to manipulate a table and cause it to move and rotate while Sitter Radana looks on. Table Tipping, or Table Turning, is a phenomena in which participants sit or stand around a (preferably wooden) table, place their hands or fingers on it, and experience tipping, turning or traveling of the table without the participants placing any pressure on the table to cause it to move.

Frenchman and author Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail (pen name Allan Kardec) studied the phenomenon of Table Tipping. He concluded that some messages received by using a tipping table to  define letters of the alphabet, or receive yes or no answers, were caused by an outside intelligence as the message contained information that was not known.

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Medium Takes Control Mid-Seance — Don’t Do This

During the start of a seance I often experience some physical manifestation before I completely lose awareness. Sometimes I can feel mist coming up from my stomach/pancreas area, out of my throat and wrapping down over my lower lip like a silk scarf onto my chin and top of my chest. I have felt plasma or tears dripping out of my eyes and I have seen and felt a Chemist working intently with my forehead or mid-torso. I am aware that my body is sometimes moved by my Spirit Control without my direction (a funky feeling indeed!), I see and speak with amazing people in Spirit, and so on. It’s like a carnival of sights and sounds which I must let go of, and instead focus my consciouness if we are to be successful at what we are trying to accomplish.

During the start of a recent seance I experienced some exciting physical phenomena and thought to come back up out of trance to let the Sitters know what was happening and to perhaps let them touch the manifestation. I can not talk when I am in, or even going into, trance. So, before fully losing awareness I changed “direction” and brought myself back to the surface so I could speak to the Sitters. Please note that this can be very dangerous to the medium, and I don’t know what I was thinking by doing this! It was a loss of focus and a potentially dangerous foray into folly which I share with you so that you do not get lost into ego and excitement as I did.

I ended bringing myself completely out of trance in the midst of the first part of the seance. The phenomena dissipated, and I was left for the first time in pain. Ouch! Sharp physical pain over much of my body. The seance was over and it took me a while to get my energies back aligned and to release the physical pain I felt. This is something I plan to never do again. I have since been more mindful of trusting my Spirit Guides and Coordinators, and of embracing patience as I continue to develop as a physical medium. The first word of mental and physical mediumship is trust. This was a good reminder and a lesson well learned.

By Medium Victoria

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Spirit Flame Card Message

I did a candle rubbing (flame card message) the other night and got startling results. One in particular was a picture of our seance circle. I did a tracing to show what I saw but it doesn’t include everything like the circling smoke and entities.

By Sitter Barbara H.


Flame Card:

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It was an Ectoplasm Night, Touches, Crystals, Healing, Green Light, Thick Energy: Seance 6-11-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, Radana, and myself (Karen). First, Victoria gave messages from those in Spirit (omitted).

George opened the circle with our protection ritual, we all welcomed our guides and guardians, families and friends in spirit, mediums in spirit or not, and we om’d and sang the usual three songs: Amazing Grace, In the Garden, and You Raised Me Up.  While we were singing, Victoria started breathing heavily.

George invited in (our transitioned friend and mentor) Shiri and George’s guides and guardians.  Barbara invited in her parents, uncles, grandparents, sister, and Florence Scovel Shinn; I invited in Clen Clendenning, my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, sister, guides, guardians, Edward Stewart White and Betty White, and my previous dogs.  Radana invited in her grandparents and her dogs.

Then, George turned out the light and the room became very quiet.  At first, not much seemed to be happening.  Just then, to my left, I saw the snarling face of a badger, one of my animal totems.  Badger’s appearance is, usually, a warning of danger, or to become very aware of your surroundings (according to Bobby Lake-Thom, a Native American healer known as “Medicine Grizzly Bear”).

I saw the luminous bands on the standing trumpet turn green.  The middle band looked like it was directly connected to Barbara’s right eye.  She felt she was receiving a healing.

George and Radana felt that they were touched.  Radana felt that the spirits were pushing on her head, as if shaping it the way they wanted.  Barbara and Radana were both touched on their legs.  I was touched on my ankle.  I don’t know if Maxine was touched.

George had the sense that the spirits were choosing to communicate in different ways this time.  Briefly, Victoria choked and seemed to be sending out Ectoplasm.  There was the sound of Bartholomew trying to break through with his voice, but he never quite succeeded.

Barbara commented that the energy seemed heavy and thick in Victoria’s corner.  There was a lot of activity around the standing trumpet.  Green light swirled around it.  There were clusters of energy, as well as movement of energy, around us.

George had us take deep breaths and sing again, to raise the energy level in the room.  I was holding a manifestation crystal, an apophyllite pyramid crystal with the apex pointed toward Victoria, and one other small, clear crystal.  Also, Barbara and I sent Reiki energy to Victoria, the spirits, George, and Maxine.  I wanted to try sending energy through the green obsidian pyramid crystal to try and open the ceiling to the outside sky (as George had, previously) but I was too afraid to move anything and maybe knock over several pyramid crystals.

The atmosphere felt very relaxed.  Barbara, in particular, commented on how relaxed she felt being in the circle.

Victoria said that she had experienced some slight discomfort as the spirits worked with her.  Barbara experienced a bit of pressure in her head, I think.  I experienced pain around my right temple.  George called on Victoria’s chief spirit (Mikhail) to help bring her “back.”

By Sitter Karen V.


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Ectoplasm Notes about Seance 6-11-12

In this Seance the Sitters were most likely expecting our Communicators in Spirit to join us and speak as they have been doing so well recently. Instead, our Spirit associates chose to make this evening all about Ectoplasm.

After the circle ended, all the Sitters remarked that they had been touched on their ankles.  I suspect that the Ectoplasm flowed out and onto the the floor. It was there that success was made in bringing the ectoplasm into a solid enough form to press into the skin of the Sitters and make them aware of it’s presence.

By Medium Victoria

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Spirits, Energy Swirls, Dots, More About Crystals, We Chat With Bartholomew & Mary, Touches, A Healing: Seance 5-21-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, and myself. I added some new stones and crystals to our altar: a sunstone, a large clear, double-terminated crystal with a hematite occlusion, and raw moonstone.  I brought, also, a crystal bowl of water and fresh flowers (gardenias) to raise the energy level, as John Lilek had suggested.

First, Victoria gave messages (omitted). George opened the circle with our protection ritual, we all welcomed our guides and guardians, families and friends in spirit, mediums in spirit or not, and we “om’d” and sang the usual three songs: “Amazing Grace,” “In the Garden,” and “You Raised Me Up.”  While we were singing, Victoria started breathing heavily.

Suddenly, I got a sharp, frontal headache pain, which went away after a short time.  I saw a spirit hug the standing trumpet.  I saw, also, the outline of a bird.

There were lots of swirls of energy in the room, almost, clouds of energy.  The ceiling opened up and circles with dots in the center wheeled around the center of the room, as if the room were the universe.

Personal Note: According to Twyla (Yehwehnode) Nitsch, Seneca Indian medicine woman and storyteller, circles with dots in the center mean union or unity and universal oneness (see Language of the Stones by Twyla Nitsch.) 

Maxine was aware of a spirit sitting between Barbara and herself.  Barbara saw a large spirit in Victoria’s corner.  George noticed lots of areas of energy between Victoria and himself.

Suddenly, Barbara asked if any of us were feeling hot – she was feeling very hot.  The new, large quartz crystal with the hematite occlusion was situated on Barbara’s side, although it was aimed at Victoria.  Perhaps the large crystal accounted for the heat Barbara was feeling.  Maxine and I were comfortable, although we were aware of cold air all around us.

It was very quiet in the room for what seemed like a long time.  Then, suddenly, there was a loud “Ho!”  George asked if this was Bartholomew.  He replied, “Indeed it is, my boy!”  He said, also, that there were many here (in Spirit), lined up and ready to communicate.  He talked about the division between worlds being “soft,” making it easier to “reach through the crust” to communicate.  He said, “We’re in control of the body (meaning Victoria’s body)”.  “We bring you glad tidings of great joy.  Rejoice!  What a song it is!”

A faint, high-pitched voice came through.  George asked if it was Mary.  “Yes, indeed.”

Then, a very soft voice that sounded like it was coming from far away came through, speaking several sentences.  It was very difficult to make out the words.  I really couldn’t hear much of anything.  George caught a word here and there – enough to realize that this was important information.  As George said, the spirit might have told us the secret of the universe but we couldn’t have heard it.  It was everyone’s sincere wish that the voice had been caught on tape.  George asked who was speaking but got no response.  I asked if it was “Edwin”; no response.  George suggested to Bartholomew that perhaps he could assist the voice to come through louder.  Bartholomew said something like “Don’t speak,” directed to us.  And then, “We must leave now, but we’ll return if you all are willing and able.”

I held an apophyllite pyramid crystal with its apex aimed at Victoria, sending her and the spirits crystal and Reiki energy.  Also, George had us all breathe deeply to raise the energy level and assist the spirits.

We all felt that we had been touched; George, on top of his head; Maxine felt someone riffle her bangs; Barbara was touched on her leg; and I was touched on the back of my right shoulder.

When Victoria came back, she said that she had though that her guide, Mikhail, was going to take her to the caverns but he didn’t.  She said Mikhail and her guides were anxious to get her out-of-body.  She was surprised that Bartholomew’s loud voice had not brought her back (out of trance) immediately.  The spirits had given her a healing within her ears, she said, and, then, a teaching (lesson).

-By Sitter Karen V.

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Crystals, Visits from Bartholomew, Mary, Lady Jane, Edwin, Energy Clouds, Shooting Stars, Touches, Cold, A White Spirit: Seance 5-14-12

I gave each person two crystals or stones to hold, if they chose.  For Radana, malachite and/or an elestial crystal cluster; for George, a green obsidian with perlite pyramid and/or a smokey quartz crystal celestial with rainbows and occlusions of hematite and mica; for Barbara, a flame aura crystal cluster and/or moldavite; for Maxine, a rose quartz crystal ball and/or a blue phantom quartz crystal cluster; none for Victoria (she had a Lemurian laser wand window quartz crystal and a Faden quartz crystal under her chair; and for myself, an apophyllite pyramid crystal and a smokey quartz with mica and rainbows manifestation crystal.

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, Maxine, and myself. First, Victoria gave messages (omitted). After the messages, I asked if I could ask a question?  Could someone who is still alive on this plane astral travel and visit our circle?  Everyone agreed that it’s possible.  I explained that I thought that that was how Terry’s (my husband’s) mother had appeared.

George opened the circle with our protection ritual, we all welcomed and we “om’d” and sang the usual three songs.  Victoria started breathing quickly as we sang “In the Garden”.  We invited our guides and guardians, spirit friends, mediums, mediums-in-spirit:  Shiri, Norman, Florence Scovill Shinn, Stewart Edward White, Betty White, Clen Clendenning, John Edwards, John Lilek, John Holland, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, “White Horse”, “Horus”, Dorcas, etc.

Victoria channeled voices immediately.  Bartholomew came through loud and clear.  He said something about there being lots of spirits present, and ready to communicate.  “We’re all here.”

A high-pitched woman’s voice came through, singing an unfamiliar song.  George asked if it was “Mary”?  No response.  Then, he asked for a name.  No response.  He then asked Bartholomew if Bartholomew knew who the singer might be?  Bartholomew answered, “Lady Jane”.

Another male voice came through, “Edwin”.

It was pretty quiet in the room as we were all concentrating on hearing what the voices were saying, so George asked what they did on the other side.  Bartholomew replied that they were “busy, busy, very, very busy with social obligations and all”.

Bartholomew or Edwin commented that time was not the same on this plane as on theirs, saying, “The currents of time are coming closer together.”

Then, Edwin said something about “stepping through” and it not being “as easy as it seems” to communicate from the Other Side to this plane.

When we started singing, I noticed that, as in some previous sessions, there seemed to be multitudes of voices that joined us.

There were great “billowing clouds” of energy in the room.  I was aware of an oval form or aura (green) above the altar and a triangle of deep purple aura below it.  Also, I saw shooting stars of light to my right (between Maxine and me).  George said he was seeing lots of energy between Victoria and himself.

We welcomed Shiri to the circle.  Barbara mentioned that she was wearing a crystal from Shiri.  I commented that I was carrying Shiri’s ankh cross pendant.

I was touched on my upper left arm.  Barbara was touched on her shoulder.  George was touched on his head and right cheek.  Radana was touched on her shoulder.  Maxine did not remember having been touched.

I focused the apex of the apophyllite pyramid crystal I was holding towards Victoria, sending her and the spirits additional energy.  (We weren’t talking or laughing as much this session.)  Maxine felt that the blue quartz crystal made her feel jittery, like she couldn’t sit still.  Barbara, also, felt jittery.  Perhaps, the crystals generated TOO much energy?

Barbara and Radana remarked how cold the area between them was.  At one point, I remarked how cold it had become around my feet.  Spirit dogs, perhaps?  Maxine felt that it was really cold to her right, between her and Radana.  Both she and Radana saw a white spirit between them, very tall, who stepped back into the shadows as George brought the lights up.

  Not one of us had thought to invite in Hans Bender, the German professor of Parapsychology, who had appeared after the last circle!

Personal Notes: During the Message part of the evening my Mom (in spirit) asked if I was working with numbers.  I said, “Yes, I was doing numerology.  Is that what you mean?”  She said that that was good; it’s a good way to connect with others and to live my purpose.

-By Sitter Karen V.

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Advice From Another Physical Medium

Victoria said that she had spoken with today (5-7-12) with (advanced physical medium) John Lilek, from Camp Chesterfield.  He said that he believed a lot more was happening (in our seances) of which Victoria was not aware.  He said it was particularly important that all the Sitters be in a positive frame of mind and support Victoria.  John said, also, that we should not worry about having lights or recorders.  John suggested that Victoria use the large group room to do some séances in, to sort of “tune it up” for future séances.  He suggested, also, that a plant or flowers and a crystal bowl of water be added to the séance room for additional energy.

He further recommended that Victoria not be concerned that she does not want to hear the voices that she brings through; many or most mediums don’t want to hear them.  John said that her guides are working with her to bring through communications, including speaking in other languages.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Parapsychologist Hans Bender appears, German, Moving Lights, Sparks, Touches, Mist, Local OBE: Seance 5-7-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, and myself.  Maxine was there early on but felt like she had something in her eye and left early. Tonight, we started with a red light on, which provided enough light that we could see each other.  First, Victoria gave messages. (omitted)

George opened the circle with our protection ritual and we all welcomed and named our guides and guardians, spirit friends, mediums, mediums-in-spirit:  Shiri, Norman, Florence Scovill Shinn, Stewart Edward White, Betty White, Clen Clendenning, John Edwards, John Lilek, John Holland, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, Spirit-in-the-Pipe, our Indian guides, our families, friends, grandparents, parents, sisters, pets, etc.. We then sang “Amazing Grace”, “In the Garden”, and “You Raise Me Up” and then we “om’d” three times.

It was a quiet circle tonight, not much talking or laughing.  Victoria was breathing very quietly. George said he was aware of a large concentration of energy near the center of the room.  Barbara agreed with him.  He said, also, that he saw small, moving lights around the top of the trumpet.  The trumpet appeared to me to be a lighthouse with a large, revolving beacon light on top.  (note:  I did not see this; I was simply aware of it.)

Barbara and I saw lots of sparks around the room. Radana and Barbara were aware of a strong energy between them.  Radana said that she felt as if the spirits were trying to manipulate her head, mouth, and lips.

George said that his ear had been touched.  I was not aware of any touches. George suggested that we all send energy towards the center of the room.  So, we all sent Reiki energy towards the center of the room, towards Victoria, towards the sitters, and towards the crystals.  Then, he suggested that we sing again to raise the energies in the room.  We did that; also, I visualized myself throwing a ball for McKenzie, my present Westie, and to Corky and Lacey, former Westies, in order to  further raise my energy.

There was an unusual, swirling energy in the room tonight.  I particularly noticed it around Radana.  No channeled voices, though.  There was a bluish/purplish mist to my right and around Radana.

Victoria seemed to be traveling but not in her usual way.  When she came out of trance, she said that Mikhail had taken her out back of the séance room to the empty parking lot backed by a fence.  She couldn’t figure out what she was to do there.  (Maybe, she was there to see the super moon?)

It was quite cold in the room, even before we started. At one point, my hands felt very tingly and warm. Victoria mentioned that earlier in the evening, before circle, she had heard raps in the séance room and she wondered why the spirits had not rapped during circle, instead.

After we had closed the circle and retired to the front room, Victoria was aware of a spirit who was speaking to her in German.  It sounded like: Hans Bender ist mit du (diex?).  George looked up the translation on-line and the sentence means Hans Bender is with you. I asked who Hans Bender was.  George looked the name up on-line, and he turned out to be a German professor of para-psychology, specializing in unusual activities such as poltergeists and (?). Victoria felt that Hans Bender was sitting in (inside of) her. She described him in detail.  Then, George pulled up several pictures of him that were on-line, and Victoria recognized several of the picures as being the spirit she was seeing.

Victoria suggested to Barbara and I that perhaps we might get more information in tomorrow’s automatic writing class. George suggested that for next circle I choose a crystal for each sitter to hold during the séance.

-By Sitter Karen V.

Hans Bender (5 February 1907 – 7 May 1991) was a German lecturer on the subject of parapsychology, who was also responsible for establishing the parapsychological institute Institut für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene in Freiburg. For many years his pipe smoking, contemplative figure was synonymous with German parapsychology. He was an investigator of ‘unusual human experience’, e.g. poltergeists and clairvoyants. One of his most famous cases was the Rosenheim Poltergeist.   -Ed.

Quotes accredited to Hans Bender:

  • Because of the many dimensions of forms of though which you can also put into physical form, you have the possibility to create much which we cannot fashion in the same manner.
  • Free yourself from the rigid conduct of tradition and open yourself to the new forms of probability.
  • Good and evil do not exist for me any more. The fear of evil is merely a mass projection here and on Earth.
  • Please, do not visualize that we exist above you such as in heaven. The concepts above and below are products of your mind. The soul does not swing upwards. It exists in the center and orients itself in every direction.
  • The core of my personality consists of many selves.
  • The forms of my awareness are richer than yours.
  • Things you create with your mind are always part of your post-mortal life, whether they seem real or not.
  • You shall always find what you created in your mind, for instance, a benevolent God or an evil Devil. Between them are countless facets. Therefore, concentrate on the depth of your consciousness and on what you consider to be positive and good.

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Session with Mikhail #9 – Separation of Plasma

Mikhail: Hello Victoria. Are you ready for a lesson?

Victoria: Yes!

Mikhail: Unique structures determine where you want to go. For example, if we fill a cup of water and release it into a stream, the water from the cup becomes a part of the running water. Yet if we drop the cup into the river, the water collected inside the cup remains separate from the stream while still residing in it.

This process of separation denotes the difficulty we face when separation of plasma occurs. The vessel that holds and manipulates the plasma into form is a construct. If that construct, that structure, disappears/disapparates then the function of the plasma is lost. (I saw a picture of a balloon holding helium inside). To create a stronger structure (plasma form holder) we must first build the energy needed to coalesce the chemicals we build.

The vacuum is the ether on our side (our plane). We manipulate the energies and ‘eccentrics’ (def: irregular, erratic) chemical materials to produce an outer shield in which to contain the plasma extracted.

Victoria: This is different than (physical medium) Kai’s foam he produces?

Mikhail: Bubbles have form. (His) product is mixed with saliva and mucous.

Getting back, the material is inserted into the “cup,” or chemical energy mixture, and then processed, using a trick of the mind (our mental facilities) to mold direction and shape. Consistency is key. Once we have molded the form shape into a desired ‘nodule’ (def: a small mass of rounded or irregular shape), we are ready to begin the next process, that of communication and direction.

Victoria: What can I do to improve on may part?

Mikhail: Things are going well and progress is being made. You are headed in the right direction. Keep up the good “spirits.” We will be watching you.

Victoria: I requested personal information about Mikhail.

Mikhail: What would you like to know? I have had many lives. My most recent was an embodiment in a rural area of Topeka (sp?) in the mid-eastern European continent. I raised a family. 1719 – a significant date.

Victoria: Your birth?

Mikhail: Death. I moved along slowly and it was not until I came to pass (over) that enlightenment was granted and I could see past the sunset. Now, here in this time and place, I work to establish a link for all to see.

Victoria: Thank you Mikhail.

Mikhail: You are welcome. Until we meet again.

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Session with Mikhail #8 – A Lesson

Mikhail: Hello Victoria, it is I, Mikhail. It is with great joy I meet you. Things are moving along quite nicely from usage. Is measurable in phenomena.

Lesson – Come to the start of the race poised and ready for action. Then release and step into the universal flow. It brings your connection to a higher attainment. Release your connection to you physical body and float. Go within – now you have stepped into the plane where I am at. There are others who watch. Common. A return to the edifice awaits you. It is with great pleasure that we greet you upon your return.

I will be watching when you go overseas. Commonality of mediums – like attracts like. You will come to understand the role we each play in ___. To produce ectoplasm is a common goal with others you will meet. Some have a drive, to others a flow. Watch and connect, we will be there. Join the common factor, we will be with you. (I saw a picture: My husband George held a book and turned to a page titles, “Common Elements.”). You will come to understand when you get there.

When I searched for an appropriate picture, I found this book although I have not read it. -V

When the new moon turns, the tide will turn. You will go faster. We will await you in your dreams. Keep going on as you have planned. The best is yet to come. Until next time.

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We Meet the Voice of Mary and Others: Seance 4-9-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, and me (Karen).  First, Victoria gave messages (omitted).

George opened the circle with our protection ritual  and we sang “Amazing Grace”, “When the Dew Is Still On The Rose”, and “You Raise Me Up” and then, we “om’d” three times.

Just before we got underway, Victoria said someone touched her on her arm and asked could we see or feel anything there?  Each of us could feel the centralized heat in that spot.  I don’t know about anyone else but I couldn’t see anything.

I saw several areas of “white” energy or white mist around the room and rapidly moving white spirits out of the corner of my eye, especially in front of Victoria and Radana.

At first, only two luminescent bands of the standing trumpet were visible, then, three.  At the beginning of the singing, the standing trumpet began growing higher and higher.

Each of us was clearly touched by spirit; Barbara on her hair on the top of her head; Radana on her leg (she felt it was her dog); me on the back of my arm; and also George (I can’t remember where).

Victoria started bringing through voices right away.  A woman’s voice, first, saying “I’m here.” Or “It’s good to be here.”  When George asked for a name and was given “Mary,” Barbara replied, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary,” and the spirit tee-hee’d.  Then, someone said something like “being full of joy”.  Except for the word, “joy”, it was difficult to make out the rest of the words.  A deep man’s voice came through.  Possibly, the name was “William” or “Willie”.  Mary said, “Laughter is the umbrella that keeps you dry.”  And, “Laughter is good for the soul.”

We invited our guides, well-known spirits, and famous mediums now-in-spirit, like Stewart Edward White, Betty White, Shiri, Norman, etc. Victoria later said she saw Norman standing right in front of her, looking very bright and dapper.  Also, her guide, Mikhail.

Barbara said she saw sparks of light everywhere. A voice said, “We see you.”

At one point, the room seemed to be fairly light with areas of white energy.  Then, suddenly, it seemed to get very dark.

At the end Victoria asked George if he could feel tears below her eyes.  She couldn’t believe it when he said, “No.” Barbara said she saw a lot of teal tonight, in the room and behind her eyes.

There didn’t seem to be any messages specifically for me, nor were any of my spirit-friends or guides present that I was aware of.  I didn’t see any symbols or geometrics or colors or sparks of light, either.

I sent Reiki energy through the crystals to Victoria and Barbara, in particular, and to the spirits. I wondered if my energy level was low tonight because I’d had a headache before we started.  I was holding the two crystals from Shiri and the Window Pyramid crystal to help with the energy.

Victoria said Mikael had taken her to the White Caverns as he usually did (though he didn’t in the last seance). We laughed a lot tonight and the spirits seemed pleased with that.

George said his fingertips were tingly at the same time I felt pricking in my thumbs and index finger (left hand). I felt the pricking of my second and fourth fingers while holding the 2 crystals from Shiri and the Window Pyramid crystal. Nothing seemed to be moved as far as we could tell, except for one tiny citrine pyramid crystal.

Afterwards Victoria found it hard to believe she had brought through many voices while being totally unaware of it.  She didn’t recognize the recorded voices as having been generated by herself.

The recorder captured one hour and 15 minutes for the session.  It has taken me longer than that to write down my impressions.  Go figure!

-By Sitter Karen V.


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On Voice Communication

Mikhail: Hello Victoria, how are you today?
Victoria: I’m fine, and you?
Mikhail: I’m doing well also.
Victoria: Do you have much to say?
Mikhail: Plenty. The mechanism of voice differs from person to person. As we (in spirit) inhabit the vocal chords of a medium, we exhibit our own personality and inflection. The construct surrounds the medium and (the person in) spirit endeavors to impress their will and actions on the body of the medium.
Victoria: Is this the same as mental mediumship?
Mikhail: The same body functions to a different degree of control. In mental messaging a thought or image is impressed upon the nervous system of the recipient medium. With physical mediumship we relay our movement and use the body and voices as more than a channel or relay. This is the reason we help you out of body – too many cooks in the kitchen impede full control of the physical voice box.
Victoria: Was (the voices from last night, seance 4-9-12) me (my subconscious) or spirit?
Mikhail: You have not yet met several of the participants you were not yet aware of.
Victoria: Who is that man?
Mikhail: Jordan. He is my counterpart. While your consciousness is away with me, he conducts the symphony of sounds we use to communicate. There is order and procedure and commitment on the parts of those that lend themselves to the roll of telephone operator. The Ectoplasm turn into a crystal function, a solid mass to be used as a bridge. The spirit and the physical body must work in harmony to produce results. It will take time, yet great progress has ensued. With better communication between the Sitters and your Spirit Team, we will be able to let communication flow to a much greater extent. Questions will be answered and loved ones and interested parties may use this line of contact into the physical plane. It is an instrument we play. Your spirit is docked in your physical body. More and more your consciousness is removed as you progress and learn to adapt to a new, more etheric plane. Your conscious travels through a gateway into another realm. In this dimension is a part of the world we (in spirit) live in. While on Earth, your physical body plays host and welcomes those few individuals that wish to represent the whole of individuals who participate with us. It is with joy – we dance and sing in happiness at this state of communication. It is as willing partners that we transverse the obstacle of different dimensions and connect with each other in this modus operandi.
Victoria: Who is Jordan?
Mikhail: Jordan is known to you. We will watch you progress. Many thanks from all of us. May health and happiness be yours. In loving embrace, Mikhail.
Victoria: Will you use our toys (that we set out on the table)?
Mikhail: As needed.

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Flashes, Touches, Cold Heat: Seance 4-2-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, Maxine and myself.  First, Victoria gave messages (omitted).

While we were singing, Victoria started breathing deeply and heavily. I saw green light mask the faces of Victoria and Radana. Then, I was looking at the standing horn, which was normal size. The top of the trumpet was surrounded by green light. Then, George mentioned that the middle luminescent band on the standing trumpet kept disappearing, while the first and third bands remained luminescent.I saw that, also. And others murmured their agreement.

The red light threw a large, dark shadow of Victoria on the wall to her left. In the middle of that shadow, I saw a white spirit shadow, in profile, of a cherub, holding a single rose. Then, I saw the profile of a woman sitting.

I saw an orange flash, almost an explosion, above Barbara. And the trumpet grew to be 8-foot tall again. I saw a geometric diamond figure, either within George or over his head. Several people were touched. I was touched on the shin of my right leg. Radana was touched on her leg. Maxine felt someone touch the tops of her shoulders. Barbara and George were touched on their heads.

Barbara saw very high energy between George and Victoria, and between herself and Renata. George felt high energy to his right and saw sparkling light. Maxie felt high energy to her left. George saw red light at the ceiling. Barbara saw a blue aura around me. I saw high energy and movement around the center of the room, especially around the trumpet.

I was holding the two crystals which Shiri had procured for me.1 I was, also, holding a crystal pyramid. I sent Reiki energy through these crystals, as well as the other crystals on, and under, our altar, to Victoria, Barbara, Maxine, George, Radana, to the spirits and mediums-in-spirit. Also, I sent Reiki healing to Maxine. The crystals in my hand were quite hot and remained so for a long time after the circle ended. I felt that Maxine had received a healing from the spirits.

Everyone, except Victoria, had complained how cold it was in the room. The AC had come on at the beginning of the circle and had stayed on the entire time. Victoria said that she was very hot. (ed: Victoria had George and Barbara feel her heat).  I felt the cold air around me but my body was perfectly comfortable. Even though I was wearing short sleeves, my bare arms were not cold.

Near the end of the circle, I saw angel wings in the air between Maxine and me. At some point, Radana heard whispering around me and felt that there were lots of spirits around me. George announced that he was going to send energy to the green obsidian pyramid. When he did so, I saw the universe come alive around me. Besides the stars and planets and shooting stars and lightning and storms, the universe was alive with all manner of symbols; i.e., floating spirals, geometrics, lines, letters, colors, lights, all in constant motion.

Victoria said she started out by being lured totally out-of-body by her father – and what a scary feeling it was! (While out-of-body) she went around the circle, touching each of us on the cheek. This time, her guides did not take her to the white caverns.

A couple of times it sounded like spirit voices were attempting to come through but didn’t quite make it. She thought perhaps the energy level in the room was not high enough at that time to support her bringing through spirit voices. She said that talking in the circle makes it so much easier for her, like sliding down a slide.

George finally called Victoria back. When she was conscious again, she said she had felt so angry and negative (as she was returning), she wasn’t sure why. Perhaps because her guides had tried to lure her deeper using her father as bait. Victoria had seen several horses but not the motorcycle she hoped to see with Norman. I saw something out of the corner of my right eye, possibly Lacey, (my last Westie).

As in the previous circle, time was not as we know it. What seemed like 10 or 15 minutes to us participants was actually one hour plus twenty minutes, according to the recorder. Victoria said she was not tired this time like she had been the previous week.

I felt the pricking of my second and fourth fingers while holding the 2 crystals from Shiri and the Window Pyramid crystal. Victoria saw a musical triangle in space and heard it being played at the end of the session.

Personal Notes: We opened the circle to all spirits — our guides, guardians, angels, families, friends, and famous mediums and spirits, too.  George invited Shiri and Norman.   (George said he saw Norman standing in the corner, with his arms folded.)  Barbara invited Florence Scovill Shinn  and another famous medium.  I invited Paramhansa (he wrote Autobiography of a Yogi), Stewart Edward White, Betty White, White Eagle, my friend, Peg, Horus (my dream guide – a white horse), Clen Clendenning, and Louis Bermudez, a childhood aquaintance.  Barbara, Maxine, and I invited our sisters to come.  Dr. Nupuf, a senior companion client, was there (I did not know he had transitioned).  Someone named Beth came.  Louis Bermudez came and gave me a hug.  Someone’s East Indian guide was there, seated in a yoga posture with a turban on his head.  The name, Ramtha, came to me.  Barbara saw an Indian guide with a headband who was one of my guides.  We said opening prayers and sang “Amazing Grace”, “When the Dew Is Still On The Rose”, and “You Raise Me Up”.

1 She and Jean used to go to the world’s largest gem, rock, crystal, and jewelry show in Tucson, AZ., every year.

-By Sitter Karen V.

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Spirit Voices Came Through – A Beginning: Seance 3-26-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, and myself.   We started out by om-ing and then sang along with a tape of “Amazing Grace” and “You Raised Me Up”, and “In the Garden”.   Then, Barbara led us in a favorite song of her mother’s – “Que Sera, Sera” (What Will Be, Will Be).  As in the previous circle, I sat on the outside between George and Barbara.  I set up the crystal area as usual but had some additional crystal clusters and several pyramid crystals.  Victoria said she was very hot: George said her hands were hot but her arms were cool.

From the start, there was much activity centered around the standing trumpet – lots of swirling, white light or waves of light, as Barbara described it, or white mist. There were flashes of areas of white light in several places. Barbara described an area of high energy between George and Victoria. George described an area of energy or white light behind me which I did not see.

I saw a shooting star go up and over Barbara’s head toward Victoria. The second luminescent band on the standing trumpet (close to the narrow end) blanked out. Then, the third band, also, blanked out.

I heard some small sounds of voices talking, and a male voice and a female voice singing. Then, Victoria started to (sort of) choke or gag and then, brought through some spirit voices. It sounded like she said, “Hello, Ma or Mom.” Thinking about it later and repeating it in my head, I believe it was my mother’s voice saying, “ ‘Hello. Mom.’ ”, as in Mom, here. (In earth life, Mom would leave brief telephone messages for us such as “Mom V”, nothing else.) Then, Mom’s voice or Shiri’s voice, said something about being happy and being joyful or filled with joy. Some of the words were hard to understand.

At one point, when Victoria mentioned that the energy was dropping, I sent Reiki energy to Victoria, to Barbara, and to the crystal clusters and pyramids on and under the altar table and to the spirits around it.

Victoria said she saw a male spirit in front of her but she wasn’t sure if it was her guide, Mikhail, or not. The air conditioning in the room was set at 73 degrees. The AC came on shortly after we started and stayed on the entire time. It was cold in the room but we were all comfortable.

Victoria said that while she was out-of-body, she had traveled around the circle and touched each of us on the cheek. Barbara commented that she had been touched several times; George, also. I was not aware of having been touched, just of much swirling energy around.

 Victoria described Barbara as a very beautiful spirit. George recorded tonight’s circle. I look forward to listening to the tape. Time during the circle was not as we know it. What seemed like 10 or 15 minutes to us participants was actually one hour, according to the recorder. Victoria said she was not tired this time like she had been the previous week.

At one point, Victoria said she felt very nauseous and Barbara said that she did, too. Victoria said that she thought maybe she and Barbara were twin sister mediums.

Tonight was a very personal experience for me, especially hearing Shiri’s and my Mom’s voices. And, to have Louis Bermudez show up, was the icing on the cake. I still cannot get over my feeling of amazement at hearing the actual voices I remembered. Unbelievable.

Victoria kept apologizing for not doing more; she was not aware that she was actually bringing voices through! Believe it, girl (!), and thank you so much!

Personal Notes: (My dog) Kenzie and I sat in the hammock; I charged the crystals in the sun today; and took a nap.  The major accomplishment of the day was that Terry and I agreed on a color to paint the exterior of our house – a light terracotta.

Messages: Victoria immediately said that my mother was there, and brought me sunshine.  She also mentioned “pearls”.  I knew exactly what she was referring to – a long strand of rose quartz and blue angellite beads that I gave her around 2004 in the midst of my “crystal & stone” period, and got back after Mom crossed over.

Barbara saw a man standing before George.  George thought it was probably his grandfather but Victoria said she didn’t think so.

Victoria said that Barbara’s mother was there.  Victoria also mentioned that a joy guide was there: a young girl who had made herself butterfly wings.  I could picture that little girl, although she didn’t seem to be my joy guide, Carole.

George said he was getting the name , “Whispering Willow” or “Willow Wood” or “Whispering Wood” associated with a large pond where I met or used to meet a young boy with curly hair, whose name might be Keith.  The name “Whispering Wood” seems familiar to me but not associated with a pond or boy.  When I was young, around age 5 or 6, the most used “playground” for the small-town neighborhood I grew up in was “our” pond.  The pond was just down the road from me, next to my grandparents (my mother’s parents).  The pond, called “Mooney Pond”, was owned by a neighbor, Mrs. Townsend, who had weeping willow trees planted alongside her portion of the pond.  The property on the far side of the pond was owned by a farmer who planted corn.  My grandparents were truck farmers who drove their produce to New York City once a week to sell.  The pond offered many wading opportunities to catch frogs and goldfish in summer and ice skating in winter.  It’s possible I used to meet playmates there.

I don’t remember ever knowing a “Keith”.  The name that came to my mind right away was the name, “Louis Bermudez”.  He was the cutest little boy with red, curly hair.  I was too young to have a crush on him but I particularly liked him, I suppose because he liked me.  His name came up the previous week because Maxine’s heart doctor’s name is Dr. Edward Bermudez and I drove her to her appointment.  As far as I remember, Louis was only living down the street from me for a year or so; then, his family moved back into New York City (Coram is about 70 miles east of NYC).  What I remember most about him is that he wanted to play with me one day and called my name over and over again from down the street.  I must have been feeling perverse that day because I refused to answer him.  I just went about playing where he could see me as if I hadn’t heard a word.  I have felt so guilty about that.  I think he thought I was ignoring him because he was Puerto Rican but that wasn’t the reason.

The willows that George mentioned brought my friend Lin Wells to mind, as her niece was named “Willow” and she thought of the willow tree as the Tree of Life.  Maybe “Whispering Wood” was a development my sister, Jean, and her family lived in or looked at houses in.

George also mentioned seeing me climbing on rocks by the pond.  There were definitely no large rocks near or in the pond, as it basically was just a farm pond.  We lived in an area of pines and sand, no rocks, on Long Island.  I remember the farmer having irrigation ditches which terminated at the pond but I don’t remember any rocks in them, either.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Transfiguration, Visitors, Stars, Sparks, Light, Mist: Seance 3-19-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, and myself.   We started out by om-ing and then sang along with a tape of “Amazing Grace” and “You Raised Me Up”, and “Old McDonald”.  I sat in a different place tonight – in the front between George and Radana; Barbara was across from me.  I set up the crystal area as usual but had some additional crystal clusters and several pyramid crystals.

The first thing I noticed was that the standing trumpet seemed to grow in size again and it moved around – twirled and moved up and down while the luminescent bands remained stationary.

Victoria’s face was surrounded by white light or white cloud or mist.  Also, I saw her face transform to an oriental face – Chinese or Japanese, young, smooth white complexion, contrasted by long, shiny, straight, jet-black hair.  I mentioned that someone from our writing class has a guide named “Lotus Blossom”.  At this point, Victoria saw a beautiful Lotus-flower open on water.  Then, I saw Victoria’s face transform to a man’s face.  Just after that, I saw my Oriental Arts and Culture and Flower-Arranging professor, Dr. Pearl Hsu (from my freshman year at college), at the top of the trumpet.

Victoria said an uncle of mine (in spirit) was there.  As I’m thinking now of her description of a slightly balding man with his hair slicked back, I see my Uncle Charlie in my mind’s eye (my mother’s brother).

Barbara and George saw Radana’s grandmother by her and Radana said she felt her grandmother touch her shoulder.  As George said that, I saw s bright spark in front of Radana.

Victoria told Barbara that a vey close female relative of Barbara’s was standing next to her.  As he said that, I saw a bright spark in front of Barbara.

George saw a figure to his right.  I was aware of a white shadow next to me that I felt was my mother.

Victoria welcomed some famous mediums, including Shiri, to the circle.  I welcomed Clen Clendenning (a Canadian medium now in spirit).  Victoria also said that her guide, Mikhail, was there and I welcomed Archangel Michael, also.

Victoria said Norman was there and he told her he missed his angel (Maxie).  We welcomed him to the circle.

There was a lot of activity around the standing horn.  There was white light or mist swirling and spinning around it.  When we sang, the small light at the top of the horn lined up into 2 columns of 2 lights each and brightened exponentially.  At one point, I saw the star tetrahedron crystal at the top of the horn (I forgot to take notice later if the star tetrahedron crystal had physically moved.).

At one point, I saw bright purple surround the horn and then, I saw the ceiling over the altar open up to the dark but bright night sky and stars and prevailing winds.  George said he had been sending energy through his hands to the green obsidian pyramid crystal at that moment.  I was drawn up into the sky and was made aware of all the coordinated movements of the stars, planets, earth, and other heavenly bodies and universes which are always in motion.  I saw flashes of lightning in several areas; Barbara saw stars and sparks of light everywhere.

Victoria or George said they saw my grandmother on my father’s side standing with me.  I welcomed her and thanked her for coming.

I saw a yellow or golden light around Redana, at one point – I think when Barbara said she saw Redana’s grandmother there and Redana’s grandmother was tickling her.

I don’t remember hearing any sounds or smelling any scents or seeing any symbols. It was cold in the room but comfortable.

Personal Notes: (My dog) Kenzie and I sat in the hammock and I listened and danced to Strauss waltzes today.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Mist, Channeling, Messages, Ectoplasm from Eyes and Throat: Seance 3-12-12

Our seance last night was fantastic! Thanks to the excellent suggestions of John Lilek (an advanced physical mediumship teacher originally from Camp Chesterfield), I gave messages to the sitters before we started the seance. I also channeled a bit which I usually don’t do in front of others. I found the spirit energy was so intense that it surprised me and I clamped down, stopping the channeling. I will be practicing my channeling this week so that doesn’t happen again. There were multiple spirits there who were eager to channel.

I shared much of what I had learned from John with our sitters. They in turn became more vocal, enthused, and upbeat. Over time we will learn about more seance mediums in spirit and honor/call out to/pay homage to them, as well as others. One sitter questioned if we should be using a cabinet in our seance room.

When I am in full trance I cannot move or speak. I did this for the first half of the seance and was aware of mist coming up and out of my throat. The sitters saw a lot of mist in the room. I also went out of body and turned around and saw myself and the sitters, and then I left and went with my control. Mikhail took me to the White Caverns and I had an opportunity to look around instead of solely focusing on going through the veil. I was surprised to see quartz or crystaline structures on parts of the walls of the cavern — like clear, thick glitter. I also realized that the interior is lit even though I have not seen a physical entrance to the cavern.

In the second half of the seance I came back and roused myself enough to speak a little. The sitters said I sounded funny, like I had had a stroke. I told them about what was happening from my perspective. It was at this time I felt ectoplasm or tears coming out of my eyes (this has happened before), yet when we closed the circle my eyes were bone dry (sitter Barbara felt my eyes with her finger directly after we closed) and my speech returned back to normal.

All the sitters were aware of different spirit people and presences in the room. They also saw a few small, short bursts of light as well as the ectoplasmic mist. Maxine said she saw the trumpet move up and down.

Sitting in this seance was: George, Barbara, Radana, Maxine, and myself (Victoria).

– By Medium Victoria


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White and Red Light, Motion, Star Held in Hand, Norman: Seance 3-5-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, and myself.   We started out by “om-ing” and then sang along with a tape of “Amazing Grace” and “You Raised Me Up”. I sat in a different place tonight – in the front between George and Maxine; Barbara was across from me.

The first thing we all noticed was that the standing trumpet seemed to grow to 8-feet tall.  It seemed to extend up to the ceiling.  Maxine said it also went through the table to the floor.

There was a lot of light and motion around Victoria – white light.  I saw the light and sensed the motion.  There was also a small area of red light to the left of the standing trumpet moving toward the trumpet.

An area of white light moved counter-clockwise around the center table.  The area was about mid-air about the level of our heads and about 2-foot high, kind of like a donut around and over the center table.

At one point, it appeared that Victoria was holding a star in her right hand – it appeared very bright and sparkly. Barbara said she heard knock, knocks coming from the main room.  None of the rest of us heard the knocks.

Toward the end of the séance, I smelled a sort of crisp smell like just-ironed pants and the smell of a steam iron.  Maxine exclaimed that that was Norman (her late husband) – he used to iron everything, even bedsheets.  Victoria said she felt a burning sensation on her shoulder.

Time seemed to speed up: it seemed like we had just gotten started when George announced that Victoria was back.

The five luminous bands  (I wrote ‘5’ but I’m thinking ‘4’) were visible with 2 small lights at the top.  These were randomly blocked out about the same time that I saw and sensed the moving “donut” of light.

Personal Notes: I spent time outside today with (my dog) McKenzie and, also, danced to Strauss waltzes.

By Sitter Karen V.

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Motion, Knocks, White and Red Lights, Star, Smell, Shadows: Seance 3-5-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, and myself.   We started out by om-ing and then sang along with a tape of “Amazing Grace” and “You Raised Me Up”.I sat in a different place tonight – in the front between George and Maxine; Barbara was across from me.

The first thing we all noticed was that the standing trumpet seemed to grow to 8-feet tall.  It seemed to extend up to the ceiling.  Maxine said it also went through the table to the floor.

There was a lot of light and motion around Victoria – white light.  I saw the light and sensed the motion.  There was also a small area of red light to the left of the standing trumpet moving toward the trumpet.

An area of white light moved counter-clockwise around the center table.  The area was about mid-air about the level of our heads and about 2-foot high, kind of like a donut around and over the center table.

At one point, it appeared that Victoria was holding a star in her right hand – it appeared very bright and sparkly.

Barbara said she heard knock, knocks coming from the main room.  None of the rest of us heard the knocks.

Toward the end of the séance, I smelled a sort of crisp smell like just-ironed pants and the smell of a steam iron.  Maxine exclaimed that that was Norman (her late husband) – he used to iron everything, even bedsheets.  Victoria said she felt a burning sensation on her shoulder.

Time seemed to speed up: it seemed like we had just gotten started when George announced that Victoria was back.

The five luminous bands  (I wrote ‘5’ but I’m thinking ‘4’) were visible with 2 small lights at the top.  These were randomly blocked out about the same time that I saw and sensed the moving “donut” of light.

Personal Notes: I spent time outside today with (my dog) McKenzie and, also, danced to Strauss waltzes.  

By Sitter Karen V.

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Indigo Lights, Blue, White, and Rainbow Sparks: Seance 2-6-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, and myself (Karen).   We started out by doing karaoke to “I Can See Clearly Now” – a very appropriate choice, considering my vision concerns about my left eye.

We also added a crow feather and a pyramid containing the small “magic” pad to the central table.  I sat in a different place tonight – in the back between Victoria and Radana; Barbara and George were across from me.

After George rang the bell to open the circle, we accompanied the tape for “You Raised Me Up”, as did the spirits.  Victoria said that Shiri was here, my uncle was here, and Redana’s grandmother was here as well.

I was aware of a field of indigo lights between me and the standing horn (trumpet).  There was much activity, as well, around the base of the standing horn.  I did not see any particular item move, though.

There was a bright blue spark of light right in front of me, and a spark of white light in front of Victoria, and several rainbow lights also danced around her.

Personal Notes: I visualized a clockwise spiral of DNA surrounding each of us (as suggested by Cindi Wilson), and the entire circle as well, spiraling higher and higher towards heaven; and then, spiraling counter-clockwise back down to us.  I tried to coordinate my in-breaths with the DNA spiraling down, filling me with positive energy and thoughts; and my out-breaths with the DNA spiraling upward, releasing any negativity and blocks to my health and healing (especially in relation to my left eye).

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Trumpet Moved, Plasma, Singing Energy Notes. Seance 1-30-12

My spirit control Mikhail says the infrared light is a “necessary burden.” He’s probably aware that my husband and I are technical and proof-oriented.

After reviewing our blogs I noticed we got better results when we did the karaoke outside of the seance room before starting, so we have resumed that with just three songs or so being played and sung to once we are sitting for the seance. After this, the sitters are mostly silent with some commentary and observations.

The last seance produced a substance out of my eyes. Previously I have felt touches and a substance out of my right ear, numerous times out of my throat and out of my mouth. This substance has a texture that varies from a fine mist to a film that draped over my bottom lip onto my chin and then six inches down onto my chest. It feels like a silk scarf.

This evening the trumpet moved again. While we have many other items on the “toy table,” some of which are more round and roll-y, I find it significant that the other items have remained in place (we have paper under the items with each having an outline drawn  around it), while the trumpet appears to have been lifted and set down in a slightly different place. The shape of the trumpet makes it much less likely to slide or roll naturally than the other objects.

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Whispers, Shadow Moving, Scent: Seance 1-30-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, Radana, and me (Karen). After George rang the bell to open the circle, we sang “Do-Re-Mi”, then, “Jingle Bells”, then accompanied the tape for “Amazing Grace” and “You Raised Me Up”.  I smelled a faint cinnamon scent.

I “saw” a bright spark of light to my far left.1  I also saw several scatterings of sparks and lights – like someone tossed a handful of pebbles – in front of Maxine to my left, above and to the right of the standing trumpet, and above and between Barbara and Redana (to my right), and near the crystals to my left.

I felt a shadow move between me and the luminescent bands of the standing trumpet, and saw the second band disappear while the other bands remained visible. I felt the sideways movement of an arm (did not see an arm, only was aware of movement). I then heard the AC come on and wondered why it was coming on.

I heard a whisper coming from the area between Victoria and George right before George closed the circle.  I could not hear what was said.

in an unused part of the room.  I could not have seen anything with my physical eyes because the retina specialist I am seeing determined today that I don’t have any peripheral vision on my left side due to a vitreous hemorrhage in my left eye back in November, 2011.

By Sitter Karen V. 

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Entering Alternative Awareness

Mikhail: Awareness is the key to successfully adapting. An alternative awareness exists. You must enter that reality through the doorway in your mind.

Come to realize the point at which the alternate reality takes hold. When you seep down in trance there is a point of detachment that causes your awareness to come into the plane that you desire. Your will and intent are key factors in producing the exit.

Victoria: How will I recognize this?

Mikhail: Like a (baby) tooth that still sits in its socket yet is barely attached by a thread. It waits only for the impetus to be removed. Sight, sound, feeling, all are conditional on the the place or focus of your awareness.

Exposure to new fabrics of thought bring a cacophany of new dimensions. Let your mind go deeper. Your body, your etheric body, will be the recipient of the vibrational language of that plane.

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Odd-Shaped Light, Mists, Sparks, Drawing: Seance 12-12-11

In the back of me (Barbara) there was an odd shaped light that kept moving from one side of the wall to another. I tried to debunk it but when trying to block the light as if it where coming from a light source, it still stayed the same except for moving occasionally from one place to another behind me. By Victoria (the medium) there was a black mist below her knees that seemed to be working at something moving about. Also noticeable was a tall white mist standing next to her. As before there were sparks of light and reaching lights towards the medium. Every sitting there is something new. Can’t wait to continue on this journey of surprises and unexplained phenomena.

– By Sitter Barbara H. 

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Cold Temperature, Walking Sounds, Lights, Sparks, Shadowy Mass, Pokes: Seance 12-12-11

My attention was immediately drawn to the standing trumpet and the 5 bands of luminous light on it (which, previously, had been 4).  The 3rd band was shaped like an elongated L.  The second band was shaped more like an upside-down triangle, and the other bands were rectangular.  Finally, to the left of the fifth band were 2 small lights.  All the bands remained visible.

The first thing I noticed was how cold it was in the room.  The AC came on and stayed on almost the entire length of the circle.

I heard noises of what sounded like someone walking outside and walking past the back door.  Radana also heard these noises.  Victoria commented that she had walked through the wall to her left which felt weird to her, and she found herself on the other side of the wall in the next shop.

I remember looking all around for lights and/or orbs.  I turned and saw a white narrow horizontal band of light behind me that was continually moving to my right.  I also saw sparks of light in the center of the room and, also, to the left and right of center.  To the left of me, between Maxine and myself, was a large area of deep purple light.  To my right, between Barbara and me, I was aware of a dark shadowy mass which quickly moved behind me, and which Redana confirmed.  Victoria said she had moved around a lot during the circle.

George suggested we all send Victoria energy shortly after we had started, and we all sent Reiki energy her way.  She saw her guides and the white caverns again.  She said that this had been a very active night for her; her guides had poked her right side in several places: nose, ear, stomach, shoulder, throat, and cheek, as if preparing her for some future ectoplasm work.

In order to send out energy to any being who needed healing, whether human, spirit, or animal, I smiled broadly and sent out thoughts of love, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, healing from injury or anxiety, to any and all who needed the healing, including myself.

Personal Notes: On the drive to the healing center, Barbara said she was “getting” that I needed to wear a patch over my left eye and rest the eye more than I have been. After George rang the bell to open the circle, we sang “Do-Re-Mi”, then, “Jingle Bells”, then accompanied the tape for “Amazing Grace” and “You Raised Me Up”.  

Today, there wasn’t much opportunity to raise my energies.  My left eye was annoying me because the vision in it continues to be blurred.  I had planned on meditating part of the day in the hammock but didn’t get to it.  I was involved in gluing pictures and copying quotes from a White Eagle book to handmake Christmas cards for special friends and family.  Right before Barbara picked me up at 6:40 PM, Kenzie injured his left front leg and/or his back, playing with Chica, his little long-haired Chihuahua playmate.  He just cried and cried when Terry carried him into the house and put him in my lap.  He didn’t want us to touch him anywhere, especially not on his leg.  I had Terry give him some Rescue Remedy drops and I gave him a doggie aspirin.  That calmed him down a bit, and I did some Reiki on him, also.

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, Radana, and me.   This night I did not bring any of the larger crystals to the circle.

– By Sitter Karen V.

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Rattle and Crystal Moved, Egg-Shaped Light Circle, Shooting Star: Seance 12-05-11

We sang “Do-Re-Mi”, then, “Jingle Bells”, then, “Amazing Grace” and “You Raised Me Up”.  Shortly after George opened the circle, I thought I heard Victoria say something; Radana also heard her.

I started out wearing sunglasses and saw the standing trumpet with its luminous bands.  Then, the bands started disappearing, and re-appearing, in no particular order.  Band 2 was shaped like a backwards L, lying down.  Band 3 was shaped like a triangle with the top third missing.  Band 4 was shaped like an elongated L, I think.  The tiny lights at the top were arranged in a semi-circle or half-dome.

I looked around with my sunglasses on; then, removed my sunglasses, looked around and closed my eyes.  I saw an egg-shaped circle of blue-green light above Maxine.  I also saw a shooting star moving horizontally toward Barbara, then, just before it reached her, it shot upward.

I had the vague impression of the face of a man right in front of me.  Ididn’t recognize the face. I heard someone to the left of me, either Maxine’s or George’s, stomach growling.

I felt my mother’s presence: I was wearing a necklace of blue angelite beads and pink rose quartz beads that I had given her years earlier before she passed and she had left them to me.

When we closed the circle, we noticed that the Native American rattle had moved.  Also, when I went to pack up the crystals and crystal cluster, I noticed that the Window Laser Crystal Wand beneath Victoria’s seat had been moved, as had several individual crystals that were positioned on or around the cluster under the table in the center of the room.

Personal Notes:  Last week I noticed the scent of orange in my living room.  I believe that it was the “calling card” of an unknown spirit.  Around the same time, Barbara had noticed a lemon scent in her house and thought it to be a sign from a spirit.

I sat in the hammock today and went to see an optometrist I used to work for.  He immediately referred me to a retina specialist.  They are very concerned about the blurriness of vision in my left eye.  Barbara picked me up again, since I can’t see well enough to drive at night.  All the way on the drive to the healing center, I sang songs to myself to raise my energies. Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, Radana, and me (Karen).

– By Sitter Karen V.

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Watchers, Moving and Rustling Sounds: Seance 11-28-11

After the lights were turned off for a split second I saw this window of light with two shapes looking down at us. It was there, then gone. It was surely a surprise for just beginning a session! During the seance I heard much moving about on the other side of the table, almost to (my) annoyance. It sounded like rustling across the floor and went on throughout the session. After, I asked if anyone was moving around a lot and got no reply as to what that could have been. Likely it was spirit, for what else to explain the noise shifting about.

– By Sitter Barbara H.

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Voices, Sounds, Light Flashes, Instruction, Touches: Seance 11-28-11

Tonight it was a small (but powerful) group – Barbara, Maxine, Radana, George, Victoria, and me (Karen).

Circle tonight was full of energy.  We started out saying the Lord’s Prayer, then singing “Do-Re-Mi” and “Jingle Bells”; then “He Raised Me Up” (or something like that) on tape.  It’s a wonderful song, makes you feel good.  We hummed along with the tape.  After we finished singing, George rang the bell and we started.

The song echoed long after in the room:  I heard a multitude of voices, individual voices, low and high voices, singing, “echoing” the lat song.  The voices talked and sang.  Radana also heard the voices.

I felt a huge dome of energy above and around us.  At the same time I could hear heavy, rhythmic breathing.  I believe I heard the breathing with my physical ears and the singing with my inner ears.  I heard the message: “You don’t need ears to hear or eyes to see.”  (The vision in my left eye is very blurry and impaired with black squiggles but totally blurred this time.)  I heard the singing for a long time and then a kind of humming sound (louder than mosquitos humming but not too loud).

I saw the standing trumpet with its 4 illuminated bands, and 4 small lights at the top situated like the neck of a guitar, and 2 small lights to the bottom left of the fourth band (in the vicinity of the small trumpet).

I closed my eyes and saw a short, squiggly blue light to the center left of me and several shooting stars to the left and right of me.  Then the second band of light on the standing trumpet disappeared and re-appeared.

I heard sort of a “rocking” sound, even and rhythmic but not too loud.

I was very aware of the dome of energy at this time and saw a red-orange flash just to the left of center, then green and blue patches of light, a white patch of light above and behind Maxine, to my left, and another above and between Radana and Barbara, to my right.

I held up my hands early on to send Reiki energy to “the primary medium” (Victoria) rather than to other mediums in the circle.  I was thinking to myself that I would like to send energy in another way to the spirits who might be helping us and who might need additional energy.  I was told that all I had to do was to smile, that I had no idea how powerful a physical smile can be – that it actually sends out a massive burst of energy when you smile up to including your eyes.

I closed my eyes to focus on feeling any touches by spirit (felt none).  Both George and Radana mentioned that they had been touched on the shoulder.

Then, I thought I heard Victoria say something or sort of cry out.  Then, George said it was time for Victoria to come back.  Then, I heard a railroad whistle or gong.  Then, Victoria was back saying someone she did not know had stepped into her body.  She said Shiri had stepped forward early on and Victoria had heard her voice and recognized it as Shiri’s.  Victoria said she had gone very far out – through the veil which she saw as a wall of fire, to the white caverns and further.  She was surprised to see that there is a lot more on the other side than we normally think there is.  Barbara said that she was very aware that Victoria had gone so far “out” this time.  Victoria’s guides and guardians wanted her “out of body” so control could be relinquished to whomever “took over” her body.  Victoria also mentioned that she couldn’t really hear what the step-in had said or done.  She did see one of her guides with a small bird in his hand.  As I’m typing this, I remember  seeing a hawk (I think) killing a red Cardinal as we drove into my brother’s driveway up in Grand Island, FL, over the Thanksgiving holiday.

It’s possible the “rocking” sounds and the railroad sounds were actually attempts by spirit to use the trumpet.  I’m just not sure.  They might be interpreted as “hollow” sounds?

Personal Notes: It was raining out today and I ached all over.  I spent my day going through advertisement circulars, taking a nap, cooking a turkey breast for turkey sandwiches.  I changed to a “happy” shirt and old jeans for circle and Barbara picked me up as my left eye is acting up again & I can’t see out of it.

We all sat and talked for quite a while before beginning  – about a name for the healing center, what’s been going on over the past week, etc.  

-By Sitter Karen V.

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Shadow Passes in Front of Trumpet, Aura White Light, Orbs, Light Sparks: Seance 11-21-11

Tonight, circle consisted of George and Victoria, Victoria and George’s daughter, Barbara, and myself.   George played a tape of music, mostly songs unknown to me and we sang along as best we could.

Usually, the general atmosphere is dark; i.e., you can’t see much.  The energy in the room is kind of shadowy.  Tonight, however, the energy was sort of light/shadowy, and Victoria was surrounded by an aura of white light.  The atmosphere in the room seemed very comfortable.

There were several orbs – one came around my right shoulder from behind; and I saw another to my left, out of the corner of my eye.  There was also a spark of light in front of Barbara.

I saw the 4 luminescent bands on the trumpet, with 4 tiny lights at the top.  Something or someone passed in front of the trumpet, including the tiny lights at the top.  Whatever it was, it had a transparent red shadow.  The fourth band, around the lip of the trumpet, I saw as dark in the middle, with a diamond-shaped light at each end.

The smaller trumpet, which was lying down to the left of the standing trumpet, was also lit up for the first time.  I had never noticed it before.

The surrounding energy in the room seemed visually light in color, sort of tinged with a light-to-white color.  I didn’t see any other lights or orbs.

I don’t remember hearing any sounds.  I think Barbara said that she did hear a sound.

When Victoria came back into her body, she said that my aunt (most likely my father’s step-sister, Muriel) came in, as did someone Victoria recognized as a medium.  My aunt has come through in spirit writings, as well.

There was a feeling of calmness or peace about the circle tonight.  Maybe having their daughter there had that effect on George and Victoria.

Most of the time, I had my hands up, directing Reiki energy towards Victoria.

Usually, when I sit next to Barbara, I’m hot, but it was lovely and cool tonight, even cold, but not too cold.

I brought a couple of additional crystals that I have not brought previously: two lightning “sticks” and another that I can’t remember the name of.  (Note:  Lightning “sticks” are created when lightning hits sand/quartz crystals and fuses them into a hollow tube.  These crystals are particularly conducive to connection and communication and amplification of the energy.)

Afterwards, George and Victoria’s daughter seemed puzzled that none of us were focusing our minds on moving the items on the table.  We tried to explain that we, ourselves,  did not want to cause the objects to move.  Instead, we were trying to send energy to the spirits and to Victoria to enable them to move the objects.

 Personal NotesSpent the day making calls and doing errands, and sat in the hammock for awhile, enjoying the beautiful day (86+ degrees).  I also smudged the crystals and set them in the sunlight to soak up energy.  I think that next circle I should carry a photo of my present Westie (dog), McKenzie, on me in the circle.

 One night last week, I woke up from a deep sleep to see a golden aura standing in the doorway to our bedroom.  I could not see a being, only the aura.

– By Sitter Karen V.

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Energy Lights, Trumpet Lifts, Fast-Moving Orbs, Out of Body: Seance 11-14-11

Tonight, circle consisted of George and Victoria, Peg, Maxine, Barbara, and myself.  Instead of karaoke before the circle, after prayers, George played a tape of music and we all sang along to “American Pie” and some reggae/rhumba song that I don’t know the name of.  Energy seemed high.

The energy to my left (in front of Maxine and Peg) seemed particularly high with an aura of white light; later yellow light; and, eventually, green light.

The area to my right (in front of Barbara) also seemed like very high energy.  Victoria’s movements out-of-body also seemed more energetic and different than previously.  I’m not sure in what way it seemed different – faster movements, perhaps, and moving higher up in the air, possibly?

I had my hands up sending Reiki energy to “the medium” when it occurred to me that the energy might go to Barbara or Peg, instead, so I tried to direct the energy more specifically to Victoria without using her name.

The light in the room seemed especially bright, as did the bands on the trumpet.  The 3rd band from the top (the narrowest part) was not visible except for a narrow strip on the far left of the band.  At the very top, I only saw 2 small lights.  The other bands were clearly visible.  Then, the level of light in the room seemed to get very bright, then dimmed way down, and the bands on the trumpet disappeared.  Maxine said she saw the trumpet lift up.  I didn’t see that.

Having the music tape playing was good for energy levels but I felt like I had to stop moving to the music in order to see anything that might be happening, and that was hard.  The spirit(s) seemed attracted by the music.  I think I felt my father there singing and dancing to the music.  I didn’t hear any particular sounds, except for the AC coming on, and someone to my left, snoring.

I do remember seeing large areas of light here and there to my left and right, rather like fast-moving orbs of light, such that their shapes were blurred or uneven, more so than previously.  I felt that there was lots of energy in the room.  I also saw more brightness around Victoria than I had previously seen.

The room was quite cold, again.  I did not feel cold, although it seemed cold all around me, except in front of my hands.  (That area seemed much warmer.)

Personal NotesSpent the day clearing brush and dead bamboo branches from the side yard with Terry.  Got plenty of fresh air.  Read the “Sedona Journal of Emergence”, an old issue from Ruth.  Wore my brightest golden yellow blouse for tonight’s circle.

– By Sitter Karen V.

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Disembodied White Arm, Slate Picture, Movement, Shadows, Shooting Star: Seance 11-7-11

Circle tonight was good.  As Maxine said, the atmosphere felt very comfortable and good, safe and positive.

The first thing that caught my eye was a disembodied white arm in the center of the circle reaching downwards. Again, as previously, I could see the 4 illuminated bands on the trumpet and the 4 small lights at the top like a guitar “head”.  There was someone or something between the trumpet and me such that bands 3 and 4 (starting from the narrowest part of the trumpet) stayed visible the entire time; while bands 1 and 2 totally disappeared; re-appeared; disappeared; and re-appeared.

I was aware of a lot of movement to my right (in particular) and in front of Maxine and Barbara (who were to my right) and the open part of the room.  I felt that it was Victoria moving around out-of-body.  This area had a good feeling about it:  it was shadowy but not dense; it seemed to have a white aura first which later changed to a yellow aura and later still a sort of green aura.

Heard the AC come on with a thud.  Felt very warm air in front of my face and very cold air by my feet.

Briefly, I held my hands up sending Reiki energy to Victoria.  Then later, I had my hands on my deerskin bag of crystals and stones and I directed that energy to Victoria.

 The magic slate was clear when we started (I cleared it to be sure).  At the end of the circle there was a duck visible from Sheila’s point of view (she was seated across from me) in the upper left of the magic slate.

I did not notice any lights on or near the ceiling this time.  I did, however, see a flash of light(s) like a shooting star(s).  It was a very quick movement.

I heard someone’s tummy growling to my left.  (George and Victoria were to my left and Redonna was across and to my left.)

Personal Notes: Spent the day clearing brush and dead bamboo branches from the side yard with Terry.  Got plenty of fresh air.  Listened to Strauss waltzes while cleaning inside the house.  Nothing lifts my spirits more than listening & dancing to Strauss waltzes.

A few of our group watching a wall projection. We often play a karaoke video before going into the seance room, in order to start the raising of energy and to ease the discomfort of sitting in a long seance. Sometimes, as here, we can all view orb or phenomena photos or videos from prior seances.

(Before seance started) we danced to a (music video of a) dog & hippo singing and dancing.  Don’t remember what the song was but the laughter lifted our spirits. When we got into the (seance) room, we sang “I’ve Been Working On the Railroad” and “B-I-N-G-O”.   George said a prayer of protection, stating our purpose and asking for the white light of protection all around us and inviting only good spirits with good intentions.

I started singing “How Much Is That Doggie In the Window” to myself and later visualized throwing the ball to McKenzie (my Westie) to catch to bring up my energies.  I started out wearing the cowboy hat so that when Victoria was out of body she could use it as a kind of “marker” as to where she was.  After Victoria was “out”, the idea was to pass the hat to someone else to wear which Victoria could use as proof that she was indeed seeing us although she was out-of-body.  However, the hat kind of crunches when you move it, so I decided it would be too noisy to pass around and it stayed on my head. 

 – By Sitter Karen V. 

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Slate Drawing: Seance 11-7-11

This is the slate that was drawn on during a seance. It had been placed on a table of toys and other items in the hope that they may be used, moved, or sounded by those in spirit.




A close-up of the slate. Notice the bright orange drawing on the right hand side (technically the top) of the slate.












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Trumpet Moved: Seance 10-24-11

Thanks to the recommendation of physical medium John Lilek, we placed a piece of paper under one of the trumpets and drew a circle around it’s edge. John felt that our trumpet had already been moving in previous seances and suggested this as a method of verification. When we turned the lights back on after this seance had ended, we saw that the trumpet was no longer in the same place as it had been when we started. During the seance, sitter Radana had also heard the orange toy tube move, but we had not drawn an outline under anything except the one trumpet.

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Session with Mikhail #4

Mikhail: Hello Victoria. It is I, Mikhail.

The ring of white lights are infrared LEDs that glow red when the camera is on. This is the light source the camera uses to receive an image.

Victoria: I asked about having the infrared video camera on durinthe seances. Infrared cameras emit a very low-level infrared light. 

Mikhail: Light is a factor in the knowledge it imparts. For our intents and purposes it is a necessary burden — the willingness of those around you to release their spiritual essence (a mist). Evolvement is high, spread your wings and fly. Trance techniques: use your awareness to lift yourself up to a higher plane of consciousness. The journey is short, (yet) the process must be developed over time. 
Victoria: I asked if we were doing anything incorrectly or if there were improvements that could be made.
Mikhail: Mikhail informed me that there were no glaring errors. We must work with the ectoplasm, a fine and delicate substance in your world. Pitch must be perfect to ensue outcome. 

Victoria: I asked if there was anything more that I could do.

Mikhail: Real trance is the objective. Your awareness suffers as you extend yourself past the barriers. Keep meeting as you have done before. All will be well. Growth, understanding, a communication will take place. Phenomena occurs at the apex. (It will take) time.  He show me a picture of an hourglass.

Victoria: I had been forewarned by a fellow physical medium of the jealously and negative feelings that they had at times encountered from other mediums and the energy and experiences that came with it. I inquired whether I was facing any major pitfalls by sending out our experiences on the www.

Mikhail: What you do with it is your option.

Victoria: I realized that a peaceful feeling was coming over me, building a feeling of security.

Mikhail: Your friends and family, loved ones and those who are strangers to you now, participate in the depth of perception in transcending the barrier that separates us (and) our understanding.

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Moving Orbs (Video): Seance 10-24-11

This phenomena occurred in brief spurts over a long period of time. The brief clips with phenomena in them have been edited out of the longer version and put together.  This was our first attempt at using an infrared camera in our physical mediumship seance. Unfortunately, the camera was wirelessly connected to a laptop outside the room, and the laptop went into a sleep mode before the main part of the seance started (aargh!). These clips are from just the beginning, before the primary manifestation and before the laptop shut off. There were seven sitters, including the medium.

Editor’s Note: Sitter Karen mentions seeing orbs before we had seen the video of the moving orbs on the infrared video camera. See post: Lights, Shadows, Trumpet Moved, Footsteps, Orbs, Cold Temperature: Seance 10-24-11  posted on 10-26-11.

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Evidential Experiences (Drawing): Seance 10-24-11

“I saw what was a misty light purple shadow of a swirling arm and hand reaching for the horn. Yet (the hand) could not grasp (the horn), it seemed to flow around and through the object. When the lights were put on we notice the horn had moved from its original spot for which a line was drawn around it. This was a very good sitting for me and I am looking forward to more phenomena.”

– By Sitter Barbara H.

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Lights, Shadows, Trumpet Moved, Footsteps, Orbs, Cold Temperature: Seance 10-24-11

It was a great circle! Much activity and phenomena! No negativity or fear. Here are my impressions:

The first thing that caught my eye was the light above (sitter) Maxine (seated to my left) and myself.  I could see sometimes 1, 2, or 3 small lights like Christmas lights that were on the ceiling between Maxine and me.  This light(s) was/were not directly above me but moved around until near the end of the session, they were directly above me.  The lights were clear (white).

Again, as previously, I could see the illuminated bands on the trumpet.  There was someone or something between me and it so that the 4th band (the widest band) was partially hidden such that the middle part only was hidden; at the same time, the 3rd band was also partially hidden but in a different way – such that only the right “shoulder” was hidden from me .  The 2nd band was partially hidden by strands of something like Rastaman  braids;  the 1st band (the smallest one) was entirely visible.

I also saw the trumpet move up and down.  (Medium) Victoria had drawn a circle around the mouth of the trumpet and we all saw later that the trumpet had indeed moved.

I don’t remember when but early on I heard what sounded to me like someone walking on creaky floorboards above us.  Could this have been the same sound that (sitter) Redonna heard but described as the sound of the tube thing (wand)?  I don’t know but I did not consciously hear the latter.

Near the beginning of the session, I felt someone or something breathe on my left foot.  Much later in the session, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe one or more of my previous dogs were there.  1

I felt movement to my left and above, especially above the standing trumpet.  I’m not sure exactly where but I was aware of different colored lights:  first, yellow and white near the center of the room; then intense deep purple and blue; then light green.  (The name “Jasper” just came into my head.  I have no idea how that relates to anything.)  Then, I was aware that the general light in the room was dimming, then brightening.

I think that the “mass” or “shadow”, the someone or something between  the light and me, was above me – “it” was not walking or near to the floor but elevated in the air.  It struck me that this was Victoria traveling out-of-body.  I was just aware of color and movement.

I had my hands up sending Reiki energy to Victoria but I had the bell clutched in my left hand so I don’t know how much it was accomplishing.

At some point, I had pain above and behind my right temple. I was a bit worried that the problem with the vision in my left eye would make it difficult to see anything but the blurry, blocked vision in my left eye did not affect how I saw things at all.  What I saw, I saw clearly.

I was aware of dozens of small orbs toward my left and across the room and directly above Maxine.  I knew they were there but I couldn’t see them (except for the one above Maxine).  I felt, also, that there were thousands of orbs and tiny lights in the open space of the room to my right but I couldn’t see them, either. (Ed note: Sitter Karen noticed the orbs before we had seen the video of the moving orbs on the infrared video camera).

The atmosphere reminded me somewhat of a Native American sweatlodge ceremony  —  it was very dark, you can’t see anything or anyone, except in the sweatlodge, the hot boulders glow orange and blue with heat and one often sees symbols or figures or spirits in the stones or in the air.  In our circle, there weren’t any boulders but there were the colors and spirit and lights I described above.  In both cases, the darkness seems to expand the space rather than contract it.  I sensed that there was much activity and many spirits in the area we were in and in the open space to my right as well, all crowding in.

In previous circles, I have been either hot or perfectly comfortable but in this circle I was freezing cold – rather, the room was –so cold I was sure my breath was coming out in a white fog.  Maxine also noticed the extreme cold.

1  My first thought was that it was Corky, my son’s Westie who got me through breast cancer surgery and follow-up strength training, and who moved with Terry and me (not my son, Jonathan) to Sarasota from Charleston, SC.  Or Bonnie (my first Westie); or Flora (my first puppy of my own breeding); or Tippy (a terrier puppy I got as a child from a black fireman who had rescued her from a forest fire).  (As you can tell, my dogs have always meant a lot to me.  They have been my companions through the major experiences of my life – good and bad.

Personal Notes: (Prior to the seance) I didn’t spend a lot of time outside today, just sat in the hammock for awhile, walked to the water, and watched the dogs play.  This time we moved back into the part of the back room  we used previously (previous to the last 2 times I think.  We danced to “Shambhala” by  Three Dog Night to raise our energies.  When we got into the room, we sang “Do-Re-Mi” and “B-I-N-G-O”.  We may have sung another tune but I don’t remember it, if we did.  George said a prayer of protection, stating our purpose and asking for the white light of protection all around us and inviting only good spirits with good intentions. While he was talking about visualizing a ball of white light in the center of the room, as I was doing that, I saw a woman from the 1840’s (judging by her clothing), dressed in a simple, thin, cotton floor-length white dress and wearing a small white cotton cap (almost like a Christening cap), seated next to the ball of white light, sort of between (sitters) Barbara and Redonna and across from me.  I didn’t sense her being associated with either Barbara or Redonna.  I would say this woman was a nurse, nanny, midwife, servant, Sunday school teacher, perhaps Florence Nightingale (nurse) or Clara Barton (American Red Cross).  She smiled at me and looked into my eyes.  She seemed to be present as a helper or healer for all of us.  She was plain but attractive in a quiet, unassuming way.  Then I rang the bell 3 times to start the session. I started singing “Camptown Races” to myself to bring up my energies.  

-By Sitter Karen V.

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Tip: Dramatic Energy Building

A tip I have learned: keep your sitters alert. We had one seance where the energy dropped almost to a flat line. I later learned that some of the sitters were also trying their hand at trance or meditation and had zoned out both mentally and energetically.

After this, we always start with a video karaoke song vividly projected onto the wall outside of the seance room. We turn off the lights and sing and dance to the music right before going into the seance room. This has the effect of dramatically building the energy (a trick I learned when trying to teach novices to tune in to spirit for the first time). It also helps to keep the sitters more comfortable during the seance without stiffness from sitting still too long.

Some songs we’ve used: Walking on Sunshine, I Can See Clearly Now, Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog, The Road to Shamballa… Use whatever suits your taste as long as it is upbeat and peppy.

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Photo of Physical Mediums: Seance 10-15-11 at Cassadaga

Photo of physical medium John Lilek and and physical medium Victoria. John is an international Advanced Physical Medium teacher from Ft. Wayne, IN. He specializes in trance, transfiguration, and materialization, and is a mental medium as well. Find him on facebook at  

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Orb Photos: Seance 10-15-11 at Cassadaga

Orbs photographed in front of seance cabinet.

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Lights, Flashes, Colors, Sounds of Feet Dragging: Seance 10-10-11

I spent a lot of time outside today, sitting in the sun and meditating in the hammock to bring up my energies.

1.             When we started I focused on raising and keeping up my energies by visualizing I was playing ball with McKenzie and, also,  by singing to myself the words to “Dulcinea” from MAN OF LA MANCHA, and “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window”.

2.             There were some areas of white light (not circles) near the ceiling, above or behind Sheila to the left of me, above George to the left of Sheila, and above or between Radana. and Barbara, to my right.

3.             It seemed like the light in the room was fairly bright.  Then it seemed to dim down and then brighten again as if someone or something passed between the light and me.

4.             Again, as previously, I could see the illuminated bands on the trumpet and then one or two would disappear and then reappear later.

5.             I saw some areas of bright light and bright flashes of light.  The area in front of Sheila, Peg, and George to my left was a very active area.  It was an area of intense color – indigo, deep purple, blues, violets, with a bright flash of red-orange near Peg, and a small flash of violet around the first band on the standing trumpet (smallest band).

6.             I was aware of a lot of movement in that area as well: spirit movement (no actual shapes, just movement).

7.             I heard a “scritching” sound in that area, also, like someone was dragging their feet across the carpet; also, a sound like someone had hit the playing arm of a record player and it moved across several grooves of the record.

8.             I began to think that the movement to my left might be Victoria moving out-of-body, so I looked closely but saw nothing in particular.  Was just aware of color and movement.

9.             I had my hands up sending Reiki energy toVictoria.  My hands sensed very warm air or energy just in front of them.

10.          I also felt a sharp pain in my left temple, possibly from the flashes of light which were probably not actual flashes but rather something moving quickly in front of the light and then away from the light.

11.       I did not hear the breathing into the trumpet that Radana heard.

12.      Victoria said she could see us all clearly, especially me because I was so bright and surrounded by yellow and orange light!  She could see the light in all of us:  that we are all light beings!

13.       I asked if my chief guide, Roger, was there near me.  Did not hear an answer but sensed that he and several of my healing guides were around me.

By Sitter: Karen V.

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Evidential Experiences (Drawing): Seance 10-10-11

– By Sitter: Barbara H.
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Evidential Experiences (Drawing): Seance 9-12-11

These are my experiences in the last two gatherings we’ve had with our Physical Mediumship group. I sketch what I feel and see, soon after our experiences for that evening. These illustrations show in a rough way the goings on, in that space of time, where all are united in one to experience spirit and Victoria’s channeling though trance to bring forth ectoplasm and other phenomena. 

 By Sitter: Barbara H.

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Letter from Sitter Karen V. To Sitter Maxine B.

Maxine, at class on Tuesday just before we got ready to write, do you remember hearing a bell ring twice? I heard it and asked Barbara and the woman sitting next to me if they heard it & they did. My immediate thought was that the same spirits who were present Monday night at the physical mediumship circle came to writing class & so rang the phantom bell to announce that writing class was beginning. What’s your thought? Nobody in the room had a bell. I just thought that was pretty interesting! Love, Karen

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Letter from Sitter Karen V. to Medium Victoria A.

Hey Victoria, I’m sorry that Amber saw snakes. It must have been terrifying for her. Perhaps you should reiterate to everyone that different people can look at the same thing or event and interpret it totally differently. Also, I know I would never see snakes or anything else that might seem negative or dark, because I KNOW I’m protected in the circle; if someone DOESN’T feel protected, he/she shouldn’t participate until he/she does. Even if Amber saw snakes coming down, that doesn’t mean they are dark or evil energies:
Native Americans see snakes as associated with rebirth, resurrection, initiation, and wisdom, healing. It’s only our own interpretation that sees something as dark or evil.

Ed note: This is regarding the tentacles of light energy seen at the Circle held on September 12th, 2011

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Energy Tentacles, Shadows, Touch, Whistle, Smell: Seance 9-12-11

It was fantastic tonight.  I saw so many phenomena:

1.             Above my head and above Amber’s head (she was to my left), and actually above most everyone’s head, near the ceiling, there were large, luminous circles of white light.  I was kind of surprised and pleased to see one above my head – I felt it had to do with the high energy level I felt in myself tonight from:  laying in the sun?  bringing the large crystal cluster?  Relaxing for the day?  Humming silently a song the spirits wanted to hear (I recognized it – they gave me the tune – but I didn’t know the name of the tune til later – Moulin Rouge).  Anyway, it was so cool because suddenly tendrils of this white light energy started bouncing down to me.

2.             Then the top (smallest) band of luminous tape on the large standing horn (trumpet) went dark, then lit up again, went dark again, lit up, etc. like something was floating between  the horn and  me going around and around the horn (I say floating because the lower 2 bands were visible the entire time.

3.             Then the lower (wider) bands of light disappeared and then re-appeared while the upper band stayed lit up & visible, like a shadow was floating between me and the horn (same as George saw).

4.             At the time  when the shadow spirit passed in front of me, the energy in the palms of my hands and feet were going crazy, just throbbing with energy, and I could feel someone or something pressing against my energy field (not touching me).

5.             I was holding my hands up toward Victoria, praying that Roger (my chief guide) and Victoria’s chief guide would direct that energy where it was needed most for Victoria’s, mine, & everyone there highest good.  I continued to feel someone pressing against my energy field and then I felt a gentle pressure on the heel of my right hand.  It was a feeling of tenderness, very gentle.

6.             I saw several sudden sparks of light in the room, mostly to the left of me, in the center.

7.             Then I felt a foot stand next to my left foot – I could feel the floor vibrate with the step.

8.             Twice I heard a faint but clear low whistle like someone was blowing into the horn.

9.             At one point I was looking at the standing horn with only 1 eye open – to see if the top band was still disappearing and re-appearing.  It was but it was also changing colors – very pretty but hard to explain – lavender to blue to lavender to pink.  Closed left eye & opened right eye to see if I saw the same thing, same colors, and I did.  I also looked at the white “spots” of light on the ceiling with first one eye and then the other, as well as the shadow spirit, and saw the same phenomena.

10.          Someone said they saw the horn move – I don’t know.  I, myself, was not aware of any movement of the horn but perhaps my attention was focused elsewhere.

11.          When Vickie was coming out of the trance, she mentioned something about , could we see her aura around her arm or head?  For only maybe the 2nd or 3rd time in my life I could actually see her aura – a thin outline of indigo blue around her head.

12.          When George was telling Victoria that it was time to return, there was a strange scent in the air which Victoria, herself, said she smelled.  I can’t describe the smell any further – like nothing else I’ve ever smelled.

13.          I felt the energy in the room was particularly high tonight – perhaps because Maxine was there?  Or the large crystal cluster to harmonize the group energy?  Or using Reiki energy?

14.          I felt much more aware tonight in general.  Maybe because I didn’t have time to eat any supper?  Maybe because I did the Archangel Michael protection ritual?  Maybe because I had the star tetrahedron (tiny Merkaba crystal that Shiri picked out for me )in my pocket?

15.          I felt that Shiri was definitely there, helping.  I also felt my mother’s presence (in spirit).  I was impelled to sing (to myself) the old song, “Silver Threads Among the Gold” and felt the presence of someone very important to me once (like a lover from a previous life) – a very warm, loving feeling.

16.          I was tasting on my lips what Victoria said she was tasting on hers at the end.  A strange taste.

17.          I did NOT hear the thumps on the wall that Victoria said SHE heard.

18.          I did NOT feel any negative or dark energy at all; just a sort of neutral energy in the space (to begin with).

19.          To raise my own energies when we started, I was also picturing my dog, McKenzie, laughing at his antics, throwing the ball for him.  Also, I thanked my joy guide for the happy, uplifting energy.

That’s all I can think of at this time.  What a high!  It’s hard to come down but I’m tired.  Can’t even imagine how tired Victoria must be!

By Sitter: Karen V.

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Victoria Commentary #3: Entering Trance Experience

By this seance I had had a week in which to overcome my surprise at the number of people on both sides of life who were participating in the circle. I had learned that the many spirits were there to help, not hurt, and I was much better prepared… Or so I thought.

This evening I made it a point to not look directly at the “standers” (for definition go to Players and Terms page). I went as deep as I could go (starting with the, “my eyes are getting sleepier, my arms are getting heavier…” technique) and then I started the holotropic breathing. It was at this point that I suddenly understood, through experience, what I was about to do.

From my perspective it was as though I had stepped a few feet down to the side, and with the dramatic sensation of suddenly being forty feet underwater (metaphorically), complete with pressure scuba gear. I knew from past experience I could not just move my body or wake up suddenly; it is a slow process to come back from a true trance state. Symbolically, I would liken it to looking up and knowing that to reach the surface I will have to swim through forty feet of water before I can take the regulator out of my mouth and breath normally (i.e. before I can return to normal movement and awareness).

Alternatively, I realized that to go any farther was like staring down into an abyss; an unknown abyss where I would loose consciousness and must fully trust in those in spirit to assist me and take care of me. Once again, I was deeply surprised at the reality of what I was about to do. It was also here that I encountered an internal struggle that would last for a few weeks: could I trust, utterly, those in spirit with my well-being while I was “helpless” and unaware?

Past inner thoughts surfaced about possession, good and bad levels of spirit evolvement, and my own previous near death experience (NDE). In my NDE I had not intended to come back until, in my brief journey, I had been stopped and reminded about what I still had left to accomplish on the earth. And let me tell you, it was very nice “over there” and I was not all that happy about having to return, even if it was the right thing for me. There is no physical pain on the other side – you can sense fully (with your unfettered aura), and moving was effortless. I questioned that if I left my body again, even if just my awareness that left, would I still return?

Some of these concerns are documented in my conversations with Mikhail and my Guardian. It took about a month of research, reflection, and communication to finally let go of my fears and be able to trust both myself and those in spirit. During this time one of the sitters got spooked because she had been touched by someone in spirit during a seance, and she put a negative spin on the experience. In other words, she was sensitive enough to clearly feel a hand wrapping around her arm, but not sensitive enough to perceive the spirit person behind that touch. She immediately labeled any touching or physical phenomena as “evil.”

This was a good lesson for me to learn: clearly qualify to the sitters what they may experience. Just because you say “physical phenomena” or show a sitter pictures of ectoplasm manifestation doesn’t mean that a sitter truly understands and accepts that the phenomena is real, or that it is used for a noble purpose. That sitter left the circle, and another sitter who had been affected by this fear and negative outlook brought herself back into focus in a positive manner and continued with the group. After two weeks things got back to being productive.

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Evidential Experiences (Drawing): Seance 8-29-11

By Sitter: Barbara H.

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Orb Pic After Seance: Seance 8-29-11

A few of the sitters after a seance. Notice the orb to the right of the woman on the right.

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Evidential Experiences (Drawing): Seance 8-22-11

Note: A trumpet with luminous bands is in the center of the circle on a table.

By Sitter: Barbara H.

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Victoria Commentary #2: The Gawker

I had no idea that physical mediumship could be so sensory. I had previously formed the notion that to go into trance I would simply put myself into a deep, deep meditation, fall “asleep” into a trance state, physical phenomena would ensue to be viewed by the sitters, and I would consequentially awaken and be told of the events that had transpired. Well, that is not how it worked, at least at first.

Initially, we sang in total darkness and I progressed into a practiced, deeply meditative state. I sensed Mikhail in front of me, so I looked up and was quite surprised to see more than thirty people in spirit surrounding our group of nine on the physical plane. The circle of spirits (I am going to call them standers) looked to be standing at least three-deep in an outer circle around us, and were clearly lit with their own internal light (in other words, I could see the standers even though in our physical plane it was pitch black).

I am ashamed to say, this is when I found out I am a gawker. Imagine if you sat down in a small group and then looked up to find yourself in the midst of an unexpected crowd. It might surprise you enough to gaze around at the startling sight in wonderment. I hadn’t realized that there were so many people helping us in spirit, and concurrently I realized that there were many more that eight other people waiting on me to develop and perform – there was an abundant group in spirit as well. This spirit group could easily have numbered as many as fifty; they stood piled up one behind the other and I lost track of individuals.

This went on for quite a while, with Mikhail in front of me, the chemist, and assorted and sundry. I was like a country mouse visiting the big city. I had become excited, and throughout the next week I was gently and repeatedly told by my guides to calm down. Lesson learned? Keep your focus on what you are there to do, regardless of the unexpected. You are going to meet a great many beings in spirit, and learn about a number of jobs they perform. No matter what curve-balls come your way, remain peaceful and calm, at least while you are “working.” You can always talk and release your excitement with your friends later.

By Victoria, Medium

Drawing by Sitter Barbara H.

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Victoria gets Advice from Mikhail

Mikhail: (meditation advice) “As you think these thoughts, release your mind. Release your heart center, release the temptation to dwell. Go within.
There are many things I would like to speak with you about. Firstly is TRUST. Trust your senses, trust your vibration, trust what you are doing. For it is with each fabric that we discover the truth inherent in it’s form. Release your worries, release your cares, float along. Drift. Expand your consciousness. Our connection will be much better.
Possibilities are endless. Nature calls to you. Feel it’s passion, fell it’s glory, magnificence and splendor. Relax, meditate on new horizons. Glory personified… tender mercies… Float… Dream…
Wrap your arms around the wide world. Hold it in your grasp, release, let it go. Surrender. Magnanimous and joyful are we in our inner glory. Move ahead, move past the barriers. We are one, together. Release, set free.”

Victoria: It occurred to me that we could use this meditation for others, and then I though perhaps it wouldn’t be as good for someone else, and then I realized I was thinking too much and I should get my ego out of the way… I had to chuckle a bit.

Mikhail: “With joy we experience the trappings of humanity. Relax. Go within. Sacred. Sanctum. Sanctify. Wish to discuss a measured brilliance. Release, let go. In our inner sanctum we find peace and tranquility. Reach out to the summit, brilliant before you. Glorious. Extrapolate the meaning behind these words. White caverns. This is a sacred place. Sit down in the circle. Watch the fire rise before you.”

Victoria: I saw a wall of light/fire.

Mikhail: “This is a doorway.”

Victoria: I went through.

Mikhail: “Rest, tranquility. Victoria, we must go home now. Wake up, wake up. The gift of light/life. Up, up and away. This is how to proceed on your spiritual journey, in your soul. Namaste. Remember this space.”

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Victoria Speaks with Guardian and Mikhail

Guardian: “You are doing very well, keep up the good work. Reside in happiness and joy evermore for true contentment. Reach out, reach back, reach beyond.”

Victoria: “What do you think of the physical mediumship?”

Guardian: “Victoria, you do what you choose to do.”

Victoria: “Your opinion?”

Guardian: “There are many great souls in Spirit who welcome the chance to communicate from the great beyond into your time and space.”

Victoria: “Do you feel this is worthwhile?”

Guardian: “Your safety factors are a concern priority. Submit yourself to this trial and reap the rewards promised.”

Victoria: I saw a pic of me curled up and falling, then being caught and lifted back up.

Guardian: “You have to deal with the consequences. What are they? Fatigue, distress, disorientation.”

Victoria: “Should I not pursue this?”

Guardian: “I will be with you.”

Victoria: “Is that all you can say without interfering too much?”

Guardian: “Yes. The path to righteousness takes it’s toll on the heavily burdened.”

Victoria: “Do you know Mikhail?”

Guardian: “I am aware of him. He is a great man in his own realm.”

Victoria: “Is he someone I can trust in, to do the ectoplasm?

Guardian: “There will always be doubt on your side until you are confident and have built trust.”

Victoria: “Can I trust him with the ectoplasm?”

Guardian: “I believe he has the best intent.”

Victoria: “I want more, please.”

Guardian: “Victoria, the choices you make in your life are yours alone. I am here to guide and protect you. I will perform this admirably.”

Victoria: “Anything else?”

Guardian: “I would like to speak with you about the burden you place in your time and continuum.”

Victoria: “(you mean) I need to meditate.”

Guardian: “Now you turn folly into wisdom.”

Mikhail: “There are many things I would like to relay. Be calm. Open the doorway to your being by simply trusting the intent to do so.  As the energy mixes with the plasma, it is reduced down to a core vial (container).”

Victoria: “I can not release unless I am confident regarding safety.”

Mikhail: “Safe journey, we will bring you back.”

Victoria: He showed me a picture of him holding my hand and us flying thru the air like Superman and Lois Lane.

Mikhail: “You need to trust that I will not let you fall.”

Victoria’s Grandmother: “Keep a smile on your face for all to see.”

Victoria: “Your thoughts on the Physical Mediumship?”

Victoria’s Grandmother: “Exciting.”

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Victoria Commentary #1: 8-1-11 Seance

It is our first “dark room” meeting of our physical mediumship group and I have eight other interested people joining me. Before going into the dark room I had passed out and reviewed some printed material and photos that documented a physical medium whose sitter forgot what she was doing and grabbed the ectoplasm that was near her. The medium got a bloody nose and was bruised.
I also spoke briefly to everyone about the need for us to have a harmonic energy vibration. Although it is only from hearing about the practice of a few other physical mediums, everyone emptied their pocket contents into baggies to be left outside the dark room, and we took off our heavy-metal jewelry and watches.
Satisfied that those in the group had been informed on what not to do, we turned off all the lights. “Now what?” I thought. We sang a few songs and were appalled that we had trouble remembering all of the words to the simple song, “I’ve been workin’ on the railroad”! I then announced that I intended to go into trance, while wondering aloud how I would know how long to keep attempting it since we had all left our watches outside. As a group we put out the intention for a twenty minute session, and away I went.  -Victoria

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Session with Mikhail #3

Mikhail: “Yes, it is Mikhail, I am in tune with you. Life is progressing well. The séances are an added benefit.”

Victoria: I asked about sitter Susan’s health, as she had gotten nauseous at the last meeting. She later told me that she had food poisoning. 

Mikhail: “Her vibratory state is perfect. The more you meet, the more amplitude can be experienced. We will attempt to fix a permanent point of ectoplasm.”

Victoria: “Do we need to have it completely dark?”

Mikhail: “Dark helps. It is a good group, warm and friendly. The stasis model acts independently of personalities.”

Victoria: “Should we sing?”

Mikhail: “It is up to you.”

Victoria: “Will it affect what you do on ‘your side’?”

Mikhail: “I think so.”

Victoria: “Beneficially?”

Mikhail: “Yes. Feel the vibration and tune yourself to that. “

Victoria: “Will singing give us more amplitude?

Mikhail: “The singing increases the energy we use to generate results. You’ll get it.”

Chemist (the other man in spirit whom I could see and who was working with me chemically/energetically): “All will come in time. There will be more joining you.”

Mikhail: Release, you will do fine. We will see you on Saturday.”

Victoria: “Why do I need to be put out (unconscious) to produce ectoplasm?”

Mikhail: “People do not release their own ectoplasm.”

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Session with Mikhail #2

Hello, Victoria,

It is I, Mikhail. You are coming right along. Feel the system of movement on the earth plane. Your energies are conducive to extracting and multiplying the field densities needed for (re)producing the light material.

We have started working with the vibration of each individual person,. We draw out the ectoplasm dust into a cylinder.  Where you go from here depends on the quality of the photoplasm produced from each vessel. Let the energy glide around you. The vibration is delicate. Look in glass, repeat after me, “Cerebellum.” This is the root. Modify your strengths.

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Mikhail Spirit Control Introduction

Victoria: I started this communication by listing my concerns and questions and requesting help from my long-time teacher who is in spirit.

Teacher: “Relish the chance to access phenomena of any sort, for it is with great pleasure that we communicate with one another thru the distance and “fog of confusion.” In this matter you will find that purpose and procedure are natural occurrences. It is possible (to produce physical phenomena). Let me introduce you to a fellow associate. His name is ‘Mikhail’.”

Mikhail: “I come to you on the rising of the moon. The crest of a new wave for all humanity includes the vibration of modern times. Rest you concerns at my feet. Long ago, a voice cried out in the dark, ‘Hear me, let me speak! But alas, the times of change had not yet come.’”

Victoria: I was then shown a visual of a clock with its hands moving forward.

Mikhail: “Research, success. As we move into present time we find a likeness, a similarity to the content, intent, and way of words we use here on our plane of living. Move forward in time, you will see results. Backwards is a density, thick with fog. You can use this as a new beginning, a new era.
There are many of those who are interested in bringing this phenomena to the earth plane. We will assist. Dangers are few. We will give instructions and carefully outline details of use and management.”

Teacher: “Use and knowledge go hand in hand. Aspects – a divine sense of purpose resides in everything around us. Our senses we use to perceive changes of state: a touch, a sigh, a whimsical note we hear, a tender beating of a heart.

All of our senses are tools that we use, a mixed bag of sight and sound and feeling to relay communication between souls. A panorama of change, an inkling of connection to each other.”

Mikhail: “Hello Victoria, it is Mikhail. Together we can do great things, together we can do this. I will coordinate the mixture of energies, the vibratory states that are a conduit for ectoplasm enhancement.”

Victoria: Do you know (my guide, guardian, and teachers)?”

Guardian: Victoria, it is I, (your guardian). You will never be alone. In this I promise. You have encountered a being who is keen to produce the event you choose to conquer. We are all here, your family as well, to give guidance and suggestion.”

Victoria: “How should the group proceed?”

Mikhail: “The essence of humanity is caught in a thimbleful of liquid. The vibratory states must be conducive to the matter that resides on our plane. We do see it as matter, of an etheric quality.”

Victoria: “Who will be the medium?”

Mikhail: “Remains to be seen.”

Victoria: “By you or by me?”

Mikhail: “By all of us. We have not yet worked with the individuals. The content is harmony, a harmonic vibration to be achieved.”

Victoria: “Have you done this before?”

Mikhail: “This will be new to myself and others. We study and learn as we go along.”

Victoria: “So you don’t know if you can do this?”

Mikhail (laughing): “I am a master of conundrums – or at least I hope to be.”

Victoria: “Who are you?”

Mikhail: “Victoria, I lived a long time ago but I am in touch with the modern world. We will meet again.”

Mikhail is a youthful-looking man with blonde hair, tall with an average build. He is more pleasant-looking than these pictures I found on the internet, and his hair was slightly straighter and a little longer:

These are an approximation of what Mikhail looks like. I could see him clearly -Victoria

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